VIPARSPECTRA LED LIGHT CANADA REVIEWS: With the evolution in gardening, the concept of hydroponics, indoor growing, and LED grow light industry has also exploded. People love growing plants but nobody wants to be out in the sun for so long caring for the plants. Are you thinking of indoor gardening? This is a great option to save yourself from Sun.

Indoor plants also need and energy to grow and for this grow lights are introduced. These grow lights give out rays and spectrum similar to that of the natural sunlight. We can also adjust the lights as per the needs of the plants.

With so many options and brands in the light industry, it becomes difficult to choose what is best for your plants. Grow lights are of three different but most people tend to prefer the LED Grow lights. The reason for this is their low price, convenient use, and you can also use these even if you are a beginner.

VIPARSPECTRA is a well-known and one of the best brands in the industry of grow lights for beginners. By far, they have introduced a lot of variants of grow lights. We have curated a list of the best of all of those grown lights variants. Let’s dive into the details of these VIPARSPECTRA grow lights.



Dimensions 32.5 x 20.3 x 7.1 centimeters
Weight 5.6 pounds
Power draw 132W±3% at 120V
Flowering Coverage 1.5’x1.5’ at 18”
Vegetative Coverage 2’x2’ at 24”
Number of LEDs 60 pcs
Life Span  ≥100,000 hours

VIPARSPECTRA 30W LED Grow light is the basic grow light unit at such an affordable price. These grow lights can also be used if you are a beginner or you are growing your garden just as a hobby. It is a small unit and can be used indoors easily.

These grow lights are designed to have a high level of PAR value ideal for indoor horticulture, With these, you can grow any type of plant from pepper to cannabis. Veggies and fruits bloom well under these grow lights and you can enjoy your favorites year-round with the same fresh taste.

The 300 W grow lights are full-spectrum which means that the plants get everything that the natural sunlight provides them for their better growth and development. Its reflector design increases the PAR output by 50%. Its full-spectrum feature results in a bigger, healthier yield and saving you on energy costs.

A special feature known as the Daisy chain function is also present the which allows the gardeners to connect multiple light units with fewer outlets. You won’t need any extra cables to connect these grow lights. A single power cord is used as a daisy chain cord to connect these lights. However, for safety purposes, it is recommended to connect only 4 pcs at a time. The hanging height of the grow lights is according to the plants’ desired level for optimal growth.

  • Most popular and beneficial grow light
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Affordable price-point
  • Full-spectrum
  • Suitable for all the plants
  • It is not waterproof


Dimensions  22.5×12.8×3 inches
Weight  17 lbs
Power draw 405W±3% at 120V
Flowering Coverage 3×3 ft at 24”
Vegetative Coverage  4×4 ft at 32”
Number of LEDs 180 pcs
Life Span ≥100,000 hours

VIPARSPECTRA is a UL-certified brand to make it safer. These have the basic to pro-level grow lights and are scientifically engineered to keep the PAR value higher for better output and suitable coverage. This 900W grow light is also full-spectrum to keep the plants growing healthier and better.

The R900 is a full-cycle growing solution for your growing space. These can accommodate large indoor gardens as they have an appropriate size. Due to its scalable nature, it can go from lower intensity during vegetative growth to higher intensity during flowering.

The VIPARSPECTRA grow light is widely used for all kinds of plants. This has upgraded cooling heat sinks and quiet cooling fans which are great for better heat dissipation. Its fire-resistant reflectors provide excellent coverage and strengthen the light coverage.

The daisy chain feature in this helps in connecting 4-5 light units for accommodating a large number of plants. It also has the VEG and BLOOM feature. The VEG switch is kept on when the plant is in the vegetable growth phase while the BLOOM switch is kept on when the plant is in the flowering phase. It is recommended to keep both of these on for better effects and absorption of light.

  • Full-spectrum light
  • Best for all types of plants
  • Decent strong design
  • Inexpensive
  • Prone to rust
  • Non-waterproof


Dimensions 38.9 x 32.5 x 7.6 centimeters
Weight 5.26 Kilograms
Power draw 260W±3% at 120V
Flowering Coverage 2.5×2.5 ft at 22”
Vegetative Coverage 3×3 ft at 32”
Number of LEDs 120 pcs
Life Span ≥100,000 hours

VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED is intended for an urban-grower or a hobbyist. It maximizes the yield due to the presence of a reflector which ensures better absorption and penetration of light in the plants. The V600 is also categorized among the basic level grow lights however, it has all the features of a good and a pro-level grow light.

This grow light keeps the balance between the coverage and the PAR value. Also, it allows the light to sip into the deepest canopies. It has an optimal full-spectrum which is also adjustable. The full-spectrum includes red, blue, white, UV, and IR radiations. Each of them has a specific function to serve in the overall development of the plants.

It draws less power and energy which makes it more energy-efficient. Due to this, the electricity costs are also curtailed. A grow light with better features and fewer energy costs at such an affordable price is a great choice to make.

V600 also possesses the daisy chain feature which allows the growers to connect multiple units with a single cord. The veg and bloom feature makes the full spectrum of the grow lights selectable through the switches for separate phases of the plant’s growth.

  • Full-spectrum
  • Good for all kinds of plants
  • Good coverage
  • Upgraded version
  • Underpowered for large grow

4.VIPARSPECTRA Newest Pro Series P1000 LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Newest Pro Series P1000 LED Grow Light
Dimensions 30.48 x 27.94 x 6.6 cm
Weight  3.42 Kilograms
Power draw 100W±3%
Flowering Coverage 2x2ft at 14″
Vegetative Coverage 2.5×2.5ft at 18″
Number of LEDs Numerous
Life Span 100000 hours

VIPARSPECTRA grow lights are one of the best grow lights for beginners. These Pro series P1000 LED grow lights have the SMD LED technology which is the newest in the light industry. This provides them high PAR value, High energy efficiency, and improves light penetration.

This is based on the dimmable system having a dimmer knob to manipulate the level of brightness, providing flexibility to obtain perfect growth performance in every phase of its growth. It is scientifically engineered to keep the PPFD value high.

Their optimal full-spectrum is adjustable and provides complete nutrition as does the sunlight, turning seeds into supply, giving life to the growing big buds, and higher yield all while saving you on energy costs.  This full-spectrum consists of red, blue, IR, and UV radiations. All have their own functions accelerating the bloom time, increasing the yield, and gives amazing harvest.

P1000 is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants. Its innovative fanless design is very efficient and convenient for heat dissipation which also includes an excellent aluminum heat sink. Enjoy bumper harvest with quiet fans!

  • Dimmable feature
  • Full-spectrum is adjustable
  • Good cooling system
  • Sleek sturdy design
  • Coverage is not so good

5.VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light
Dimensions 40.1 x 21.3 x 6.1 centimeters
Weight 6.4 Pounds
Power draw 200±3%
Flowering Coverage 2×2 at 18”
Vegetative Coverage 2.5×2.5 at 24”
Number of LEDs 90
Life Span ≥100,000 hours

The VIPARSPECTRA LED 450W grow lights are known for their basic but pro-level working. It is the best choice for you if you are a beginner or have started gardening just for the sake of a hobby. If we talk about its design, it has the basic, strong and durable design as the other VIPARSPECTRA LED grow lights.

It belongs to the reflector-series, however, the manufacturers have made it secure by making the reflector heat-resistant. This saves you from any hazardous incidents like fire. As the reflector heats up to 80 degrees or above, and if it is not equipped with a proper cooling system, it can catch up fire or can burn the plants.

This is also home to optimal full-spectrum which is beneficial for the plants and mimics the sunlight. This provides each type of radiation to the plants be it red, blue, white, UV, or IR. All of them perform their function well in different stages of a plant’s life.

The full-spectrum provided in it is also adjustable which means the feature of VEG and BLOOM is provided in it which allows you to switch off certain wavelengths of light that are not needed in that particular phase of growth and development of plants.

For heat dissipation, advanced quiet fans and upgraded aluminum heat sinks are provided to make the cooling system more efficient and noiseless.

  • Reflector series
  • Full-spectrum
  • Excellent coverage
  • Quiet cooling system
  • Can be easily broken when thrown

6.VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 300W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 300W LED Grow Light
Dimensions 39.88 x 21.08 x 6.6 cm
Weight 3.45 Kilograms
Power draw 135W±3%
Flowering Coverage 2x2ft at 18”
Vegetative Coverage 2.5×2.5ft at 24”
Number of LEDs 60pcs
Life Span 100,000 hours

If you are looking for a high-energy but efficient and affordable product for your plants, then you should consider this. This Timer control 300W LED grow light is specifically and scientifically engineered to keep the PAR value high and maximum coverage.

This LED grow light has a special feature which is the presence of tier in it. This time controller lets the light control, switch on, and switch off the grow light easily. The VEG and BLOOM timings of the LED light are also managed through this amazing feature. It is quite helpful for the hobbyist grower and the professional ones as well.

Compared to other HP/MH lights that consume 250W power, this VIPARSPECTRA  300W LED grow light only consumes 135W which makes it energy efficient and saves you on electricity costs. It makes the buds grow bigger and healthier during their growth and development period which is a particular plus.

This LED grow light runs 70% cooler than the traditional systems of cooling with its advanced Aluminum heat sink cooling system.

  • Dimmable feature
  • Timer control available
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Daisy chain feature
  • Energy efficient
  • Bright light
  • Not waterproof

7.VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light
Dimensions 32 x 20.1 x 7.6 centimeters
Weight 6.4 pounds
Power draw 130W±3%
Flowering Coverage 1.5×1.5’ at 18”
Vegetative Coverage  2’x2’ at 24”
Number of LEDs 60 pcs
Life Span 100,000 hours

The VIPARSPECTRA grow lights are one of the most durable ones in the market without making you pay more bucks on your gardening. They give you greater yields and are very energy efficient consuming less power while keeping you at lower energy costs. This Reflector-series 300W LED grow light is one of them.

If we talk about its most highlighting feature which is the heat-resistant reflector. These reflectors keep the danger of heating up and catching fire or of any other hazard at bay. It allows you to continue growing safe and healthy. This reflector not only makes you safe but it is designed as such to strengthen the light penetration.

Its optimal and adjustable full-spectrum feature is the most beneficial and important one for the plants. This full-spectrum includes red, blue, white, UV, and IR light which provides the plants with all the essentials that the natural sunlight provides at all the stages of the plants’ growth.  In this way, the plants grow healthy and happy.

If we talk about its design, it is sturdy and strong having made up of heat-resistant iron housing, and is suitable for each growing phase. The cooling system that is integrated into this is not the noisy fan system but it has a quiet Aluminum heat sink cooling system which is very efficient and good at heat dissipation. Its daisy chain feature allows the growers to attach multiple units without the mess of numerous cords to attach them.

  • Saves electricity
  • Daisy chain feature present
  • Increases yield
  • Fire-resistant reflectors
  • Not waterproof

8.VIPARSPECTRA 1000W LED Grow Light 

Dimensions 81.3 x 21.6 x 7.6 centimeters
Weight 15 pounds
Power draw 376W
Flowering Coverage 5×2.5ft
Vegetative Coverage 7×3.5ft
Number of LEDs 225 pcs
Life Span 100,000 hours

This VIPARSPECTAR 1000W LED grow lights is strong, sturdy, efficient, and energy-saving like all the other grow lights introduced by this brand. It keeps you safe from high electricity bills. It saves you money, you do not need to spend a fortune on buying these grow lights. They give you maximum yields.

The only drawback we see while looking at its features is that it consumes more power as compared to the other VIPARSPECTRA grow light variants. This suggests that it is not as energy efficient as others. However, the 1000W grow light is scientifically engineered and upgraded to keep the PAR value high and give maximum coverage.

One feature that we consider is the success of this brand is its efficient and optimal full-spectrum which is also adjustable. This full-spectrum gives all the essential types of radiation to the plants as the natural sunlight provides for their proper nourishment and growth. This is its BEG and BLOOM system that helps in various stages of the plant’s growth.

It has big fans and Aluminum heat-sinks which are good for heat dissipation. However, their fans might be noisy sometimes. If the heat will not be dissipated properly, it can cause excess heating of the grow light and fire may occur. Most importantly, the grow lights can burn the plants in this way.

  • Durable
  • Efficient in working
  • Provides maximum yield
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Energy Efficient
  • No extra ballast needed
  • Not waterproof

9.VIPARSPECTRA Newest Pro Series P4000 LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Newest Pro Series P4000 LED Grow Light
Dimensions 40x 11.2 x 3.2 inches
Weight 20.5 pounds
Power draw 400W±3%
Flowering Coverage 4x4ft at 24”
Vegetative Coverage 5x5ft at 28”
Number of LEDs Numerous
Life Span 10000 hours

VIPARSPECTRA has come up with this newest Pro series of grow lights which is 4000W. It is based on the advanced SMD LED light technology for high PAR-value, maximum yield, high energy efficiency, more penetration of light in the plants, and longer lifespan.

This P4000 LED grow lights has the sunlike full spectrum for your indoor plants. It consists of red, blue, white, UV, and IR radiations which have benefits for every stage of a plant’s growth. Like the red and IR rays help in filling the flowers with space, increasing the bloom time, and more harvests. It is suitable for all types of plants. You can easily adjust the spectrum of light from VEG to BLOOM for every stage of their growth as they have different requirements.

This grow light is sleep-friendly. It is free from loud fans and has the upgraded Aluminium heat sinks which are better in heat-dissipation. When the light gets heat-up, its life span decreases so heat is dissipated to keep the lights work for long.

  • Hanging kit and adjustable rope hangers provided
  • No fans, efficient noiseless cooling system
  • Optimal full-spectrum
  • IR included
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-efficient
  • Dimmable feature present
  • No drivers present

10.VIPARSPECTRA Newest Dimmable 2000W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Newest Dimmable 2000W LED Grow Light
Dimensions 15.4×11.4×3.1 inches
Weight  11 lbs
Power draw 395W±3%
Flowering Coverage 3.5×3.5ftat 22”
Vegetative Coverage 4x4ft at 30”
Number of LEDs 200 pcs
Life Span  100,000 hours

VIPARSPECTRA LED grow lights are built for higher efficiency and maximum yield. These grow lights will not drain you of your savings to grow a garden. This has scientific up-gradation to keep the PAR value higher and save you both money and power.

The light offers optimal full-spectrum which makes the plants absorb more light and grow bigger, better, and healthier. It brings in maximum light even to the deepest canopy. Let your plants grow under the super and advanced grow lights. You will see results with your eyes.

The dimmable feature present in it allows you to adjust the lighting for different growing phases of the plant’s life. Each phase requires specific intensity and time of exposure to grow well, otherwise, the plants may burn or they may show stunted growth.

The daisy chain function is also present in this which means that you can connect several grow light units to accommodate more plants, and to increase the coverage area. You do not require extra cords to connect the lights, the power cord is used to do so. No mess of wires!

Lastly, the most important feature of a grow light is its cooling system. This 2000W grow lights do not have noisy fans but it is home to the upgraded Aluminum heat-sinks for better heat dissipation.

  • No extra cord for connecting units
  • Increasing revenue
  • Deliver consistent, year-round crop
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Saves energy
  • Lights are a bit brighter


To make the process of purchasing grow lights convenient and productive, we have the top 10 best VIPARSPECTRA reviews of their grow lights in the above section. We hope this would have helped you getting know-how about what will suit your plants.

However, in the below section, some basic knowledge or buying guide for making the best grow light purchase is presented to you. We would suggest you take care of every point as each point skipped or being careless can be hazardous or costly for you.

Heat Produced

Heat can significantly affect the working and efficiency of the grow lights. When the grow lights are taken-for-granted they can act-up and their life san is also decreased.

Firstly, keep in mind that there is no ideal system and every other light produces heat we just need to have a proper cooling system for the better dissipation of heat. Fans are used in some grow lights but their loud noise bothers many growers so a new and advanced cooling system is introduced which is the Aluminium heat-sink system. This is a quiet and better way of dissipating heat. Excess heat can bur the plants and you won’t like that.

Always check out, what do you prefer more, however, we prefer the heat-sinks ones.


Budget is always the first thing to consider while making a purchase. You should have the total estimate of how many light units you want and what is the purpose behind using the grow lights. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist grower then you should go for good and affordable options like the ones listed above. All of these are good for such an affordable price-point.

Have all the priority options listed and then choose the best according to your budget, space, and need of your plants.


Safety is a priority. The grow lights used and purchased should be safe enough to not get bothered but unforeseen accidents. Some grow lights have reflectors but they are not heat-resistant which is a point to be careful about while choosing grow light for your plants. This because the reflector heats up to 80 degrees and can catch fire easily. So, always choose the heat-resistant reflector to grow lights.

Also, most of the grow lights are not waterproof, so be careful while touching them as you may get electrocuted if touched them with wet hands.

Actual Wattage

The actual wattage consumed by the plants is the power consumed by the plants. This parameter should as less as possible. The grow lights should be energy-efficient and energy-saving than being the biggest consumer of power.

The output should be more rather than the electricity bills. More power consumption leads to less yield and the lights wear out quickly. So, always check out for the lights that offer less average power draw. They will save you money, time, and power while providing you the maximum yield.

Coverage Area and Hanging Height

The grow lights should provide maximum coverage at a particular and suggested hanging height. Maximum coverage will help each part of the plants get enough and a generous amount of light to make the plants grow better.

Every phase of a plant’s growth requires different hanging heights, the intensity of light, and coverage area. If the lights will be hanged high above the optimum height, the plants may not get enough light and can show stunted growth and if the lights will be hung closer to the plants, the intensity of light reaching the plant increases and this can burn the plants.

Every stage of growth and development of plants ned different height for good exposure and coverage area. Follow the instructions strictly regarding the hanging eight to save your plants and get a maximum harvest.

PAR Value

PAR value is the energy that is used by the plants for photosynthesis converting CO2 and water into sugars. This value ranges from 400nm to 700nm.

It is said that the greater is the PAR value, the more is the output, the plants absorb more light, and more harvest is produced. This all depends upon the type of plant you are growing, and the hanging distance of grow lights from the plants.

If you are growing leafy green veggies like lettuce then the PAR value will below, and if you are growing fruity plants then the PAR value will be higher.

Optimal Full Spectrum

Getting hands on the optimal full spectrum grow lights will be the best choice for you. This because the full-spectrum of the grow lights consists of the red, blue, white, UV, and IR radiations. Each of them has specific functions in different stages of plant growth contributing according to their specific functions.

However, most of the grow lights have adjustable full-spectrum or the VEG and BLOOM system which means that you can easily change, dim, or switch off a particular wavelength of light when not needed by the plants.

Trustable and verified supplier:

This is the most important tip for you. Always go to the vendor or manufacturer that sells the original grow lights and is verified itself. There are some certifications to make sure if the lights are safe to use or the vendor is trustable.

Like, VIPARSPECTRA is UL-certified which makes them the authentic sellers and manufacturers of grow lights that are not only effective and deficient but also safe to use.

The number of LED lights needed:

Deciding on the number of grow lights you want is also very important. This is because a single grow light unit can not b effective for 20 plants. The coverage area for all the side plants and intensity of light will be so less that they won’t grow properly.

To solve this problem, firstly estimate that how many LED grow lights units will be needed in your indoor garden. Get that desired number of lights and connect 4-5 units as it is allowed to you. This is the daisy chain function of the grow lights and usually a single cord which is the power cord is used to connect the light units for better coverage and convenience.

Check out, which are the low light requiring plants and the high light requiring plants, this will give you a cue to get your desired number of LEDs to grow lights for your plants.



All the VIPARSPECTRA grow lights have no comparison as every grow light and every brand has its specific specialties which are only dedicated to them. The above-listed grow lights along with the buying guide just to help you choose the best and suitable grow light for your plants.

We hope all the above details have helped you get the basic knowledge about the best grow lights in Canada and which one will suit your plants.