Top 10 Best Remo Nutrients Canada [Ultimate] Reviews 2021

Remo Nutrients Canada: Are your plants drooping and dying even after proper care? Your plants need nutrients for every stage of their life. The seedling, vegetable, and even the bloom/fruiting stage of the plant’s growth need different and special nutrients.

For this, Remo has come up with the perfect blend of nutrients bringing quality and simplicity to your garden. Remo’s micro, grow and bloom variants are a blend of macro and micro-nutrients providing your plants with maximized yield.

Finest chelates, Marine extracts, and Pharmaceutical grade minerals are used to ensure consistency in growth and balance in PH. These REMO nutrients for plants can be used in any type of garden be it soil, soilless or hydroponic gardens.

For your convenience, we have listed down the best available REMO nutrients to make your plants grow well. Let’s dive into detailed reviews of the products.

Our Top Picks of 10 Best Remo Nutrients Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.Remo Nutrients Grow 1L

Remo Nutrients Grow 1L

Plants need proper oxygen and other nutrients for proper growth and development. Their leaves, roots, flowers, fruits, and even seeds at every stage during their growth and full bloom need these nutrients. However, only adding common fertilizers and water to the plants is not enough.

They need extra care and extra nutrients. Nutrients like pharmaceutical grade minerals, chelates, nutrient-rich marine extracts are required by the plants to deal with their day-to-day challenges imposed by the environment.

The chelates present in these nutrient supplies are those organic molecules that pick up and hold the metal ions. Due to this, these metal ions do not react with oxygen and other metal ions. Plants can absorb them easily through roots. They promote proper hold of the plant’s roots to the ground.

REMO Nutrients Grow contains a perfect blend of macro and micro-nutrients needed to speed up the growth, build-up a solid foundation, and maximize their yield concerning both quality and quantity. With the use of these Grow nutrients flowers produced are fresh and the productivity of the plants is also increased especially the flower production. Potassium and phosphorous levels are boosted by adding this to the soil.

  • Easy to use
  • Keep the PH balanced
  • Promotes flower growth
  • Fact effect
  • Boosts up the potassium and phosphorous levels
  • Should not be mixed with any other product

2.Remo Nutrients RN70010 Remo’s 1L Supercharged Kit Nutrient

Remo Nutrients RN70010 Remo's 1L Supercharged Kit Nutrient

REMO Nutrients RN70010 Remo’s 1L supercharged kit nutrient consists of 1L set of seven liquid nutrient products, a shot glass size measuring cup, a lighter leash, all in a sleek convenient kit. All these remo nutrients are manufactured in Canada and great for the home growers or anybody who is just starting.

This kit consists of Remo’s grow, Remo’s bloom, Remo’s micro, Remo’s velokelp, Remo’s magnifical, Astraflower, and nature’s candy. Among all these, micro, grow, and bloom are three of the best ways to grow and maintain your garden bringing productivity and simplicity to it.

The passion that Remo has put in this is undeniable with the quality that it provides. You can grow cannabis, marijuana, apple trees, or your favorite crop getting maximum harvest with the help of Remo nutrients. These provide your plants with all the beneficial and essential stuff that it needs.

You will see the growth of plants within the 2 weeks of using Remo nutrients supercharged kit. The measuring cup provided with it has made the process of using and measuring accurate quantities of the required nutrient to give it to the plants.

  • All in one kit
  • Fast and quality growth of growth
  • Easy measuring
  • Holds PH great
  • The measuring cup is small and not much durable

3.Remo Nutrients AstroFlower 4 Liter

Remo Nutrients AstroFlower 4 Liter

Astroflower is the perfect blend for growing cannabis or any other plant. It is specially made to promote flowering. Your plants will love it and give out the most beautiful, fresh flowers with crisp colors and an enthralling aroma.

It is specifically formulated to promote, support or complement other Remo micro, bloom, and grow products. It mainly targets flower production and development. Astraflower is the piece de resistance in your cannabis garden. The buds, sepals, and the petals,  each part of the flowers grow out well.

It is a balanced blend of the fossilized organics that help this product in assisting the plant uring various developmentals stages of flowering. Buds grow bigger and develop fully without getting dried-up. Flowers tend to produce essential oils, and this product helps the plants in increasing the production of oils with buds.

Aroma and color are also extracted from the flowers of some plants and Astraflower help in increasing the production of aroma. It can be used in the soil, soilless, and even in the hydroponic gardens increasing the potency of the plants.

  • It is versatile
  • Promotes flowering
  • Promotes Bud development
  • Increased production of essential oils.
  • It is not weatherproof



Remo nutrients Velpkelp is a mega-supplement for plants. It is specially designed to support a thriving and developed garden. This is truly the best formula for making your garden fresh and getting the most out of them.

This amazing formula is packed with all the essentials including minerals, vitamins, and multiple seaweed extracts. Vitamins like Vitamin D3 and D2 are also present in it which are essential for vegetative propagation, along with some other important vitamins. These are also important in the better absorption of the mineral nutrient calcium in the stem of the plants.

Multiple seaweed extracts present in this include a lot of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes in themselves which help in increasing the crop yield reduces storage losses of fruits, and protect the plant from stress conditions, etc.

Velokelp is formulated essentially for the early stage of development. It promotes nutrient uptake that gives you a thriving garden with greater yield and endless flowers. During transplantation, the root development is supported by Velokelp along with the appendage generation in the vegetative cycle.

The foliar spray is the spray of nutrients that is sprayed to the leaves directly instead of putting in the soil. The process of giving nutrients through the soil is not very fast as compared to the foliar spray method. But, the foliar spray is not a substitute for healthy soil and it cannot be.

  • Can be used as an additive or foliar spray
  • Helps in the generation of new shoots and appendages
  • Assist nutrient uptake
  • Increased harvest
  • Shorter shelf life

5.Remo Nutrients Roots 

Remo Nutrients Roots 113 Gram

Remo Nutrients Roots is a big punch in a smaller package. It is an IBA and NAA-rich gel that helps in the overall development of plants. It is beneficial in every stage of the plants’ development.

It helps in the development of a new plant every time you cut the stem for cloning. The early stage of the plants’ development is very crucial as it is the base for its further growth giving flowers and fruits. Remo Roots is specially formulated for the plant’s early stage of growth.

It enhances, speeds-up, and stimulates the growth of roots and the growth of new plants during cloning. With the presence of NAA and IBA, Remo roots has become a powerful gel for ensuring consistent and effective results. This immediately seals the cut for cloning and packs it with multiple rooting compounds.

This is effective in any propagation method and provides the best value for your money. This gel stimulator acts as the best fertilizer. Roots are an important part of the plants. They help to absorb nutrients and water from the soil through the root hairs. So, the roots need to be strong and healthy to perform their function.

  • Excellent formulation
  • Perfect for any propagation method
  • Worth the money
  • Speeds up and improves the cloning process
  • Not 100% organic

6.Remo Nutrients AstroFlower 1 Liter

Remo Nutrients AstroFlower 1 Liter

Astroflower has proved to be excellent for the growth and development of plants. It helps in developing it through every stage of its growth. However, this formulation is the most effective during the early stages of the plants’ development.

Bud development and flower development boom up with this. The buds grow bigger, better giving out the most perfectly shaped flowers. The flower production and bud production are also increased. Now, you will see more flowers on your plants which is beneficial and aesthetic as well.

Remo Nutrients Astroflower is a precise blend of fossilized organics which assist in bud and flower development. It also helps in the increased aromatics and essential oils production. The potency of the plant is increased with the help of Astroflower. It can be used both in soil, soilless, and hydroponic gardens.

These Remo nutrients Astroflower are also best for planting cannabis as they increase its yield and the cycle is also regulated. You will a lot of benefits in this single product like the plants will produce more essential oils and aroma. This not only increases the aesthetics of the  plants but develops the plants for good

  • Increased flower production.
  • Bud development is increased
  • Greater yield
  • Fast-acting
  • It is not fully organic

7.Remo Nutrients Nature’s Candy

Remo Nutrients Nature’s Candy

Remo Nutrients Nature’s candy is a precise and unique blend of carbohydrates and amino acids which are extremely beneficial for the plant’s overall growth. The carbs make up the carbon skeleton and they are important in the process of photosynthesis which is the food-making process for all the plants. Plants make glucose with the help of carbohydrates in the presence of sunlight.

Both amino acids and carbs play a vital role in plants. Amino acids need to reduce organic matter, ammonia, and synthetic nitrates into amino acids. But we provide amino acids to the plants from outside in the form of Remo Nature’s candy and this helps the plants expend less energy. These amino acids also help in improving nutrient uptake and microflora levels.

This product is beneficial in all the stages of the plant’s growth. The beneficial bacteria and fungi present in the root zone of the plants are fed with the help of multiple sugar varieties included in this product.

The bacteria and fungi present on the roots are very beneficial as they generate and help convert substances especially nitrates and nitrites into atmospheric nitrogen. Harmful substances like ammonia are also converted into safe atmospheric nitrogen by these bacteria that dwell on the roots.

  • Can be used in soil, soilless, and hydroponic gardens
  • Beneficial in all stages of plant’s life
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Plants develop quickly
  • Cannot be mixed with other products

8.Remo Nutrients Mini Supercharged Kit 

Remo Nutrients Mini Supercharged Kit

Remo Nutrients Mini  Supercharges kit includes 250ml of Remo Grow, Remo Bloom, Remo Micro, Remo Velokelp, Remo Magnifical, Remo Astroflower, Remo Nature’s candy, and Remo nutrient grow chart each. The Remo’s micro, bloom, and grow bundle is best for the initial and the overall development of the plant.

 The macro and micronutrients present in this blend make the plants grow heath from the roots to shoots. The roots absorb, transport, and convert substances easily and efficiently. The shoots grow taller and stronger. The buds are developed fully and there is increased production of buds.

Astroflower nutrients present in this help in the increased production of flowers and buds. The flowers grow healthy and develop fully. Carbs and amino acids present in the Remo Nature’s candy blend are important in the production of glucose, mineral absorption, and uptake along with the better-increased rate of photosynthesis. Velokelp is beneficial in all the stages of plant growth and development.

This mini supercharged kit is just mini by its name but it brings huge effects on the plant’s growth and development. Your garden thrives and loves all these nutrients added to it.

  • Excellent nutrient kit
  • Covers all aspects of proper plants growth
  • Best for the plants
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best for trial
  • Do not mix in other products

9.Remo Nutrients VeloKelp 4L

Remo Nutrients VeloKelp 4L

Remo Nutrients Velokelp 4L is the bigger package with more quantity. It contains seaweed. The seaweed is extremely important and beneficial for the plants. As the seaweed contains vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals present in this are equally important for the growth and development in all the stages of the plant’s growth.

Seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B, D2, and D3, etc. The minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous, etc. promote budding, flowering, and root development. Sepals, petals, seeds, and flowers require all these micro and macro-nutrients to grow well.

The process of vegetative propagation for appendage generation and root development during shoot generation and transplantation require vitamins and minerals. The vitamins help in the better absorption of minerals. It brings thriving gardens, vibrant flowers, and endless branches.

Sometimes, the plants get deficient in some basic and important nutrients like Mg, Fe, Ca, etc. We need to replenish their thirst and need for these nutrients. For this purpose, the foliar spray is used. The foliar spray gives maximum and quick results to make the plants survive the deficiency condition.

  • Best foliar spray
  • Plants give out long and seamless branches.
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Remo nutrients are no organic

10.Remo Nutrients MagNifiCal 1 Liter

Remo Nutrients MagNifiCal 1 Liter

Your plants need all the important minerals and minerals. This product is super chelated which prevents and saves the micronutrient from undesirable and destructive reactions in the soil. This helps in the absorption and the bioavailability of micronutrients like Fe, Zn, Mg, etc.

Micronutrients now get quickly absorbed by the plants as they are present in this product in a very fine and balanced form. It speeds up the absorption rate and the effects start coming out in the plants within a couple of hours after use. This increases the growth of the plants and they bloom well during their development.

Remo Nutrient MagNifiCal can be used as an additive or a foliar spray. The yields are increased greatly. Whether the garden is soil, soilless or hydroponic, Remo MagNifiCal can be used in all of them. All in all, this is a great product for the plants.

Magnesium, Iron, Nickel, and  Calcium are the main micronutrients present and supplied by the Remo MagNiFical as its name suggests.

  • Can be used as a foliar spray or an additive
  • Suitable for any type of garden
  • Balanced ingredients
  • Increased Yield
  • It is not weather resistant

BUYING GUIDE For Best Remo Nutrients Canada

Choosing and knowing which nutrient is best for your plants and what are the needs of your plants can be confusing so we have discussed some important points to help you in this regard. This buying guide will help you choose what is best for your plant’s growth and development.

Easy to use:

The plant’s fertilizers and different nutrients to survive in the ever-changing weather-conditions and environment. So, the chemicals are fertilizers given to them must be easy to use for you and the plants as well. They should be fine and pure to prevent any further disease or complication in plants during their growth.

The line of products introduced by Remo has this quality and this what makes them the fertilizer of choice.  This also makes it easy for beginners to plant and nobody has time to learn.

Pharmaceutical grade Formulation:

When plants are grown, they are also eaten by the animals and by us as well. So, they should be clean, pure, and free of toxins. The formulation should be mineral-rich and mineral-based. This will make the nutrients in them not only beneficial for the plants but also for the animals as well.

The immuno-compromised people want to eat healthy and safe so these nutrients should be plant-based and mineral-based with the pharmaceutical-grade formulation.


The nutrients or fertilizers used for the plants should be fast-acting. If they will act fast, the nutrients will be available to the plants quickly and results are usually shown within 2 weeks of using the nutrient fertilizers.

Balances PH:

The presence of the finest chelates, a balanced blend of pharmaceutical-grade minerals, and nutrient-rich marine extracts ensure the balance in PH and consistency in growth. This gives greater yield and a better harvest.

The Remo nutrient fertilizers not only balance the PH of the plant but also of the water used and the soil to maintain better productivity.

Easily available:

The nutrient fertilizers should be easily available online as well as in retail stores. Within quick keystrokes and clicks of the mouse, the nutrients should be ready and available for the plants quickly.

Not only these nutrient fertilizers should be easily available for purchase but their availability for the plants should also be very easy. In this way, plants will utilize these nutrients well to perform their daily vital functions like respiration and photosynthesis through which not only their energy is expended but it is alos utlilized by the plants.


The nutrients should be versatile. It should contain all the essential ingredients, minerals, and vitamins. This versatility improves the growth of plants. It brings nutrients and beneficial substances to every part of the plants.

FAQS for Best Remo Nutrients Canada


These Remo nutrients are nutrient-rich and effective. They are well-balanced for making your plants grow healthy. We highly recommend the above-listed nutrient packs and variants for the growth of plants at a consistent and fast rate. The above-curated list of product reviews and buying guide would have made the selection of nutrients best for the plants. Grow healthy, Eat healthy!

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