Mattress Sizes Canada Guide

Mattress Sizes Canada: Right mattress size for your bed is the primary consideration for getting a better night’s sleep. Comfortability is not always the first choice of your mattress purchase.

The correct size of your bed accordingly is also important. No legal guidelines are available for the mattress sizes but you are guaranteed enough to find the correct proportioned mattress size your needs accordingly.

There are six dimensions that are probably used in Canada and maximum manufacturers make these sizes abundantly. You can easily find them in every store.

The most preferred purchases on the market are Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, and California King. They are preferred due to their most practical use and common production. We have listed all the important guidelines on the market for rendering your search an emphatic one.

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Mattress Type Width * LengthBest For
Olympic Queen66″ x 80”Preferably for couples who look to have more space than Queen.
King76″ × 80″For Couples looking to have plentiful space for sleeping.
California King72″ × 84″People with having larger families or co-sleepers.
Texas King80″ × 98″Specifically for taller people than that of those with average height. 
Wyoming King84″ x 84″Young families who prefer to sleep together
Alaska King108″ x 108″Couples who prefer to sleep with children or pets.
Crib28″ x 52″Babies
Cot30″ x 75″Toddlers
Twin38″ × 75″Small children
Twin XL38″ × 80″Taller children or adults
Super Single48″ × 75″Couples or children who prefer to have larger space for sleeping.
Double54″ × 74″Shorter couples or single adults
Double XL54″ × 80″Couples who love to have more leg room.
Queen60″ × 80″Preferably an option for most couples.

There are plenty of options to choose from in myriad different sizes. Highly used sizes in Canada are Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, and California King. They are widely used because of their practicality and a wide range of mattress brands produce these sizes abundantly.

Standard Bed Sizes in Canada

There are six dimensions that are widely used and maximum manufacturers make mattresses in these sizes. A quick review of the standard bed sizes in Canada is as.


This is the smallest bed size in Canada. Twin/Single is a perfect choice for a child’s room, guest room, or daybed. They are only 74 ½ inches long making it difficult for maximum adults.

If space is lacking and space is only for a single adult, then a twin XL mattress is a perfect alternative. The size of this mattress is a queen or king-sized mattress, but skinnier. Its skinnier posture renders it a good option for smaller rooms.


This is a perfect piece if you are looking to see it serve your child for years. Size is popular in teenagers. Length is the same as the twin mattresses but 15 inches wider offering plenty of space for a single person to stretch in whatever way. However, it doesn’t have enough space for two.


Queen beds are perfect for single adults and for couples who don’t have any issue touching each other. This is a great option if you want to go with extra space in your living room and you won’t have to sacrifice your personal space as well.


If you move a lot at night or want to maximize your space when sharing a bed, then the king is the best suitable choice for you. This is 16-inches wider than the queen offering enough space for personal freedom. But be aware it can be more for few doorways. So, measure the size of the room well before purchasing it.

California King

4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a traditional king-size bed, a California King-size mattress is good for better doorways. It will perfectly balance things for longer bedrooms. California King is perfectly suitable for all those who want space at the foot of the bed.

Things to Consider Before Buying Mattress

Things to Consider Before Buying Mattress

Number of Sleepers

A twin or Double-size mattress is perfect for an individual sleeper. It will offer him enough room to have a night of quality sleep. Still, if you got space and budget, you can also afford to have a bigger mattress.

Queen or King-sized mattresses are perfect for couples. A double-size mattress will be the next best option if space is shorter. Double size is perfect because it was designed perfectly for two people.

But sometimes, things are way different from individual or couple instead couples sleep with kids or pets. For this purpose, King or California King-sized mattresses are considered to be the best options.

Two or more people can sleep comfortably on these mattresses. But it is also concerned with the space available in the room. If we place a bigger mattress in a smaller room, the place will be cramped and uncomfortable.

Surely, bedrooms are for sleeping, and sometimes leaving a bigger size mattress is also worthy for extra comfort. So, whenever you are up to purchase a mattress, consider the number of sleepers.


Height is an important factor to be considered while deciding the perfect mattress size for yourself. Height will get more significant if you are taller.

For taller height, XL or California King Mattresses are the perfect choices because they provide more length which can easily accommodate a person with long legs. Or you may need more height due to your dog who sleeps by your feet side.

Now it is up to you to consider and figure out how much room is going to be needed for you. This height is an extremely important factor to offer you better sleep. If you are not comfortable with the height then you are only compromising your sleep for the height issue.

But you don’t need to worry or compromise your sleep. There is a wide range of dimensions available to greatly fit yours. So, while buying your mattress, ponder about the height deeply.

Room Size

Room size is another important factor to be considered while selecting a mattress. The room is the place where you are going to sleep and the same place where you are going to place a mattress.

The size of the mattress can make your room feel empty or overloaded. If the size of the mattress is good, then it will accommodate itself to the room and will offer a perfect feel.

If the size of the room is smaller, then a smaller mattress size will be great after considering the other needs in the room as well. Sacrificing a mattress for a dresser is a worthy choice.

Before purchase, measure the size of the room to figure how much space will be great to work with. You can set a pace by adding a bed if you have already one offering you note of insight for going to market or online purchase.

Space measurements will make sure that what number is good to safely navigate through and to leave space for other furniture. If the size of the room is larger, then it is royalty to have a larger mattress.

Mattress Depth

Width and length are done by following standard guidelines but they vary a bit in their depth. Normally, depth varies achieving to the manufacturers and prices. Mattresses with lesser depths are cheaper because they offer lesser support and comfort than higher depth mattresses.

The depth of mattresses varies from 6 to 16 inches. 10 inches and above is best for having a better sleep. Moreover, thicker mattresses tend to serve you longer.


Budget is always an important factor in the purchase of bigger and quality products. Mattress purchase can’t go without this too.

You should ensure about the budget and then look at the mattress sizes that which size will come out to be budget valuing and good for which mattress size. Even if your budget is tight, you are not needed to go for a cheaper mattress size on the market.

Going for a well-made and comfortable purchase is better than going Queen Size mattress on the same budget.


What Are The Standard Bed Dimensions in Canada?

Standards of dimensions vary from country to country. In Canada, there are majorly six dimensions which are almost produced by every manufacturer.

These standard mattress sizes in Canada are Twin (also called Single), Twin XL, Full (also called Double), Queen, Standard King, and California King. The smaller or full-size bed is perfect for children and teens. On the other hand, Queen-sized or larger is a preference of adults.

Dimensions of the mattress also vary for couples and those couples who sleep with their pets or children.

But most importantly, whenever you are going to purchase a mattress, measure the dimensions of your room to see which dimension will comfortably fit in it. Measure door size as well.

What Size Bed Do I Need?

If we look by general rule, then the largest mattress is the best choice due to the expertly set in the room. You should also consider your height and either you are going to share it with somebody or not.

This is a thumb rule that it should be of enough size to provide the best chance of having a perfect sleep at night by accommodating you and your partner or also with pet and children but without troubling anyone even when you spread out.

Ideally, it should be having a 12-inches space between you and your partner without disturbing through the rollover.

What is edge support, and why is it important in a mattress?

When you sit on the edge of the mattress, it goes down due to no edge support. Edge is powerful support on the perimeter of a mattress.

The sagging of a mattress with adequate edge support gets lower. You can also be less like to experience an inadvertently roll off a bed with adequate edge support. Mattresses with good reinforced edges are also easy to get in and get out of.

This may not be a bigger consideration for many but surely for sick, old, and injured, etc. So, the edge support is an important consideration to be made to avoid any uncertainty.

Is a double the same as a queen?

No, a double-size mattress is smaller than a queen. Measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long is the measurement of a full-size mattress. Dimensions of queen bed are 60-inches by 80-inches.double size is also completely different from a queen mattress.

It measures 54 inches wide and 80 inches long. The difference might be looking smaller but not recommendable. 6-inches can still make a great impact on comfort.

Do queen mattresses come in different sizes?

Yes, there are significant variations in the sizes of queen beds. For example, a queen RV bed is five inches smaller than the regular size of queen beds.

On the other Olympic queen is six inches longer than the standard size. There are multiple changes like halved divided for easy customization built.

Final Thought

Better sleep is the ultimate purpose to consider when it comes to choosing a most practical size of a mattress. If you can have a restful sleep on some size, then it is the most perfect mattress size for you.

So, for a perfect purchase, you should be wholly aware that which the most practical size is for me. In any case, if you are not quite sure about the size of your mattress then ask the vendor for the measurement.

Moreover, another best option is to go with the labeled size of the mattress. There can only be uncertainty that the advertised size isn’t of your ask. You should also remember that linen sizes of beds aren’t often included.

So many customers come up with a linen size that is not practical for the bed. The best way to avoid this uncertainty is that go with a bigger size and then tuck it if it is bigger. Follow our guide and different sizes to come up with the best purchase for yourself.