How to choose the right size Grow Tents for your Plants?

Are you looking for something productive and accommodating both at the same time? A grow tent that maintains a perfect balance between productivity and accommodation. We want to grow plants within an open and wide space but sometimes we do not have much space and a suitable setup for the proper growth of the plants.

Growth tents are the solution to solving the space and planting problem at the same time. A right grow tent allows you to grow plants in a spacious and suitable environment for the plants. This becomes the place specially dedicated to the growth and development of plants. The grow lights and proper oxygen inside the grow tent give plants the most essential nutrients.

A grow tent is the best way to grow plants in a limited, defined space with resources at their maximum. So, what else do you need? Now the problem is the choice of a right grow tent for which all the information in this article is gathered and compiled.

Factors determining the right size of the Grow Tent

Grow tent is the best option when it comes to saving space and growing plants with the best resources. If you are a person you do not want to dig holes, and hammer nails on the walls for the light and vents, then grow tents are best for you. They make your work easy and compiled. Your growing space becomes ready for the plants.

They also allow you to choose the size and conditions according to the plants. It also provides you a sustainable lifestyle through which you can have better quality food including vegetables, and fruits throughout the year, fresh from your garden.

The trend of grow tents is increasing with time and household grows tents are of special importance because people prefer them more than outdoor grow tents. With the increasing interest in grow tents, one should have proper knowledge about what they need to grow in their tents and how they can be installed. Though they are pretty easy to install.

Choosing the right size of a grow tent is very important. To help you choose the best for yourself, we have listed down these factors on which the choice of size of a grow tent depends upon. All the details written down will help you in making the right choice of a grow tent. Let’s get into discussing the details:

  • Size of the Plants
  • Spacing available
  • Number of Plants
  • The location you are growing plants in
  • Grow Lights
  • Power Source
  • Ventilation and other pieces of equipment
  • Price

Size of the Plants

The size of the plant’s matters when it comes to choosing the right-sized grow tents. The seeds are small but as they grow up, adult plants are formed. The height of the plants can not be predicted beforehand. However, it can be estimated. Some people get a kitten, but they forget that it is a living thing and grows. It will become bigger and bigger and would require more space te house. Likewise, the plants require more space when they become an adult.

If you are thinking of indoor gardening, you will need large space and requirements for the plants to make them grow properly inside the house. So, make sure that when you plant the seed inside then the grow tent has high and roomy ceilings. If the plants are veils then their height can be controlled and elongated according to our will but if you want to grow potted plants, then these plants can grow a lot bigger and turn into trees which will need replantation in the outdoor garden later on.

Space Available

Space that is available to you in your home for growing plants indoors is also an important factor in the choice of the right size of grow tent. Even if you live in the smallest possible house, still there can be made some space for a small plant. So, choose the space for the grow tent in your house that where would it be placed s that the plants also get a good amount of oxygen. There is always enough room for a tiny and modest grow tent in the house.

You just need to make sure that you place the grow tent at a place where your daily chores and activities are not getting disturbed or you stumble onto the grow tent mistakenly. The whole tent will fall along with the grow lights and the other setup within. The spacious area will also allow the plants to grow properly and to their fullest.

Space should be separate just for the grow tents where you can easily go and observe the growth of plants. Check out that how far is the grow tent away from the light source. Also, measure your growing space before buying the grow tent for your indoor growing space. This will also help you get the right to grow a tent covering just the limited space.

Number of Plants

More things require more space. So you would need to keep things in bigger storage space. Likewise, the more is the number of plants, the more will be the space required for it. You need to get a grow tent that has enough space to hold all your plants. This is also important because they may get all the plants either short or long should be getting light, air, and oxygen from all sides and sources.

The light from the grow lights in the grow tent is reaching them correctly and the oxygen supply is also good for the proper growth and development of the plants. For a large harvest, you would need to invest in multiple grow tents to accommodate all the growth and plants.

The location you are growing plants in

The location of the plating process also matters a lot. Plants need proper food in the form of fertilizers; a good amount of light, and oxygen for their nourished growth and development. You need to see that how much space you have for the grow tent and at which spot in your home. This will also impact the decision whether you will keep the grow tent inside or you will convert it into an outdoor greenhouse. So firstly measure the location at which you will place your grow tent, otherwise, it won’t fit the place and you could get a wrong-sized, bigger or smaller tent.

Here are some choices for you to decide where can put your grow tent in. The location and size of the grow tent come hand in hand.

Build a grow tent in your home

The grow tent can be placed inside the house in your living room but it is not at all a good option for placing the grow tent in a communal area.  It looks unaesthetic with all the growths and tent area. Not to mention the smell of fertilizers and the sound of the ventilation system.

Build a grow tent on the attic

The attic is another popular location for the growth of a plant in grow tents. It comes with its environment and conditions like lighting, heat, air, and oxygen. Attics are usually small in size so they grow tents for this area might be smaller. This results in a smaller length of the plants.

So, if you have a lesser number of plants to grow in the grow tent then you can use the attic for putting the grow tent. Winters may also be harsh for the plants in the attic.

Build a grow tent in the garage

A garage can also serve as a nice space for the growth of plants in the grow tent. It is usually a bigger place and can be used to put multiple grow tents with higher roofs. It can be a bit problematic concerning the air and oxygen content available to the plants. This may lessen the amount of oxygen for each plant.

Insulations can be a problem here in the garage as there is not a proper ventilation system for the growth of plants. But you can provide a controlled environment inside the grow tent with fans and proper ventilation for their growth in the garage as their happy place.

Build a grow tent in the basement

The basement is also a very popular location for the growth of plants in the grow tent. You can build your grow tent in the basement if you have a larger one. You can build a proper system of grow tents with multiple of them joined together for growing more plants. In the Basement, the problem of ventilation is the same. There is no proper ventilation in most of the basements so a well-equipped grow tent is required for the plants in the basement.

A fresh air source is needed for the growth of fresh air sources.

This shows that whatever the location is, there is no location called ideal location. You will need to provide separate sources of everything needed essentially by the plants.

Grow Lights

Grow lights are the growth stimulators for your plants in the grow tents because we need a light source that can mimic the sun’s rays and heat for the proper growth and development of the plants. Plants need light for the process of photosynthesis which means the mak3ing of glucose for their proper functioning and development. The 25-50 watts light source is needed for providing the plats with enough heat without burning them. Broad-spectrum light is needed for the larger tents and lesser grow lights are required for the plant’s processes.

Power Source

The power source for the grow tents also depends upon the size of the grow tent. So, this will also be considered when looking at the best size of the grow tents. If you have a small tent, a common outlet will be okay. But if the grow tent is larger, then the amperage of power required to light up the grow tent will also be more. These lights also help a little in the growth of plants. If you will use a high amperage power or light source in a small grow tent, then it can be hazardous for the plants. They can get burned.

Ventilation and other pieces of Equipment

Grow tents provide a safe and healthy zone for the growth and development of plants. Lants require proper air and ventilation for their growth. It helps the plants flourish. Plants need oxygen to make food and carbon dioxide to breathe. If proper ventilation is not available they will die.


Price is indeed an important factor in any purchase. Buying the most expensive grow tent does not guarantee that its quality would be the same. You should be generous in making a decision and should not hurry. Buy the one which fits your space as you would be singing it for growing plants indoors. Think of it like you invest money in a car or a house, It is important for both your environment inside and out of the body. Moreover, larger sizes of grow tents require more money than the smaller ones.

Choose the right Brands:

Choosing the right brand is very important same as choosing the right size is. There are many companies and brands out there who are offering grow tents and grow lights but here we are suggesting to you the best out of the best ones. Let’s have a look at the list of reliable brands offering good grow tents:

  • Viparspectra Grow tents
  • Vivosun Grow tents
  • Mars Hydro Grow tent
  • Opulent systems  Grow tent
  • Gorilla Grow Tent
  • Cools Grow Tent, etc


Finding the correct size of a grow tent can be a bit challenging and overwhelming. So, we have tried to help you in deciding the best and right grow tent for yourself. Not just the right size but the right company too. If you take out time, measure your space where you want to grow plants, and put the grow tent then it would become easier to make the right choice. It will also clear your mind about the money you should spend on buying a grow tent.