Top 5 Golden Tree Nutrient Reviews Canada 2021

Golden Tree Nutrient Reviews Canada: The plants in our garden need nutrients for all their functions. They need proper nourishment for their development especially in the early stages of their life need all the essentials to make the base strong for the plants.

The Golden Tree formula is an all-in-one additive for the plants which provides the plants at all the stages of their growth. Every tree, flower, and bush gets well-balanced and complete fertilizer which helps to improve the quality of soil/foliar for improving the overall plant growth.

Golden Tree supports the plants for better nutrition providing them better space to grow. Better nutrition uptake, better plant establishment, and abiotic stress tolerance is provided to them. All the below-listed options are enough for you to decide the best fertilizer package for your plants.

Our Picks of Top 5 Golden Tree Nutrient Product Reviews Canada in 2021

1.Humboldts Secret GoldenTree Vegetative and Flowering Additive

Humboldts Secret GoldenTree Vegetative and Flowering Additive

Golden-Tree is a reliable and high-tech and organic fertilizer that works with trees, bushes, hydroponics, flowers, soil, coco, lawns, roses, fruits, and everything else you want to grow. It increases the yield up to 20%. This is a 2-ounce bottle and is better for the vegetative stage rather than the flowering stage.

Golden Tree nutrients have the benefit that they can be used with other fertilizer nutrients like the Canna, Advanced nutrients, General organics as well. This increases the efficiency of the fertilizer. These fertilizers increase the rate of photosynthesis. When the rate of photosynthesis is increased, the plants produce more and more cellulose. Cellulose keeps them healthy and the leaves tend to be fresh and turgid.

It also increases the cell division in the plants which increases their growth. These fertilizers prepare the plants and protect them. It also increases protection against bacterial, fungal, and viral infections in plants by increasing several phenylpropanoid compounds (PPC) with anti-microbial activity.

The Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Additive is available to all the growers publicly while allowing them to grow bigger and better plants. It increases plant’s growth and immunity.

  • Increase in the level of essential oils
  • Increases the growth and development
  • Protects the plants against infections
  • The rate of photosynthesis is increased
  • It is quite pricey

2.Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Growth Accelerator

Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Growth Accelerator

The Humboldt Secret Golden Tree Growth Accelerator is a concentrated nutrient fertilizer. It makes 1000 gallons in the vegetative stage and 400 gallons in the flowering stage.  Most of the manufacturing companies recommend using dozens of additives that they sell. Replace all those recommended nutrient fertilizers with the Golden Tree nutrients.

It serves as a root stimulator, growth accelerator, bloom enhancer, carbohydrate loader, plant strengthener, and much more. The plant grows happy and healthy by ingesting all the good ingredients from the nutrient fertilizer. The plant’s deficiencies are fulfilled accordingly and completely with the help of this fertilizer.

These nutrients decrease the vegetative time by 50% and increase the plant’s yield up to 20%.  The Golden Tree Growth Accelerator increases the growth and development of plants by enhancing nitrogen assimilation and basal metabolism. An increase in the cellulose content and the level of essential oils are also increased.

Using this nutrient fertilizer, the health and the strength of the plants are increased. Moreover, the fruits become fuller, and yield is increased.

  • Oil production is increased
  • Yield is increased and enhanced
  • Plants become immune to the pathogens
  • Best for all types of gardens
  • Need to be careful with the amount you put in

3.Humboldts Secret Starter Kit

Humboldts Secret Starter Kit

The Humboldts Secret Starter Kit is a complete and additive setup which is good for the beginners and the specialist as well. It includes Base A and B, Flower stacker, Golden Tree, Plant enzymes, CalMag, and Iron nutrient fertilizers for the plants.

It includes 125 and 150 gallons of premium-quality nutrient solutions. This best for providing proper care and food for the potting of plants in the indoor or outdoor gardens.

This secret Starter Kit is compatible with all types of gardens like the coco coir cultivations, aquaponics, hydroponics, and potting soil for the plants. Through this, practically all the aspects of plants’ growth and development are enhanced.

It includes the gallons for the starters to check out whether they liken or their plants get compatible to these or any. Also, all the core materials and the bases included in this make the base of the plants stronger and they also keep the plants grow better and healthier than the normal fertilizers. From root to the fruits, all the parts of the plants get complete nutrition.

  • A complete package for the plants’
  • Best for the beginners
  • Enhances the overall growth of the plants
  • All the plants get benefitted
  • A good trial and started kit for your plants
  • Excellent quality
  • It might damage some type of gardens when added in excess.

4.Humboldts Secret Golden Tree All-in-one Additive

Humboldts Secret Golden Tree All-in-one Additive

The Humboldts Secret Golden Tree additive is a 16-ounce can that is better and useful in the flowering stage more rather than the vegetative stage. This amount makes up to 250 gallons of the nutrient solution.

No matter what method you are using the Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Fertilizer will be growing the plants healthier and better. This nutrient solution is designed to be compatible with all kinds of mediums like coco, hydroponics, soil, aeroponics, DWC, and every type of growing method that you tend to prefer.

Golden Tree fulfills all the deficiencies and requirements of your plants. They replenish their thirst for nutrients. This formula contains a mixture of kelps, carbs, and minerals. The plus point of is Golden Tree nutrients solution is that it can be used with the other additive nutrients also.

This is a solution that can transform your garden for good into a green and healthy piece of heaven for you. These nutrients help increase activating the enzymes that are involved in plant growth and increases the rate of photosynthesis.

  • Increases the rate of photosynthesis
  • Activates the enzymes
  • Maintains your garden by increasing the yield
  • Compatible with any kind of garden
  • A bit on the pricier side

5.Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes

Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes

The Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes nutrient fertilizer is a highly concentrated enzymatic formula with about 7000 active enzyme units per ml. This makes the plant enzymes formula one of the best fertilizers on the market.

This formula is not for every kind of garden and all mediums. The Coco and Hydroponics gardens contain a lesser amount of organisms that survive on the organic root matter so they benefit from this activated enzyme solution very well. This concentrated enzymatic formula breaks down the dead and decaying matter. This increases nutrient uptake.

The plant nutrients rejuvenate the soil. These plant enzymes act as plant food that will rejuvenate the soil by breaking the roots from the previous plants and increasing the absorption of nutrients. It results in very low usage of only 1 ml/gallon which is a special thanks to its highly concentrated formula.

It is recommended to use and apply the Humboldts Secret Plant Enzymes solutions directly to the root zone for better and effective growth of the plants and better results. Do not use the foliar spray for such plants. Place and store the bottle in the darkroom at room temperature for preventing any reactions or damage to the nutrient solution.

  • For any plant
  • Every growth method compatible
  • All Essential nutrients are available
  • Promotes enzyme activity
  • The smell is not good

BUYING GUIDE For Golden Tree Nutrient Reviews Canada

The Golden Tree supplements have replaced hundred of the nutrient fertilizers in the ma=rket. No matter what you use for the plants or how they were supplied in their early age of growth, they tend to grow well when supplied with the Humboldt’s secret Golden Tree supplements.

This has simplified things for many beginner growers and gardeners and the pro ones also while saving them money. But the basic and foremost thing to know is that you should know what your plants need. This starter kit and small packages of the Golden Tree supplements are also available. Here we have guided you to te to know that how you will get to know which Golden Tree product your garden essentially needs. The three main elements needed by your plants are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Your plants(weed or cannabis or any other) need is to grow by dividing into two stages: the flowering staged and the Vegetative stage. 

Flowering Stage of plants:

A good-quality grow light and the best nutrient fertilizer is the solution to getting better and increased yield because like every other organism the plants also need nutrition to survive. Every stage of the plant’s growth needs special attention and nutrients in specific quantities for their better growth in that phase.

The flowering phase requires Nitrogen, Potassium, and phosphorous in the ratio of Low, medium, and high respectively. The nitrogen is supplied low because its excess can make it difficult for the plants to grow the buds while Phosphorous is quite important for healthy beautiful flowers. Talking about Potassium, it is extremely important for weed’s aroma and development of terpenes.

Vegetative Stage of Plants:

The vegetative stage of the plants requires Nitrogen, Potassium, and phosphorous in the ratio of high, medium, and medium respectively.

The ratio is in this way because Nitrogen is extremely for the proper growth of the weed and of the plants. It is their important component. High levels of nitrogen are used in the nutrient fertilizers for the better, beautiful, and green buds.

Talking about the Potassium levels in this stage, its medium level is used for making the plants immune to the diseases. This also makes the roots and stem stronger and healthier while enhancing and increasing the nutrient uptake of the plants.

The potassium levels are not important in a significant amount in this stage. However, it is also important for making the roots and stems stronger, and lastly, it adds volume to the buds by increasing the levels of amino acids, and other useful compounds in them. 

You also need to understand the concept of pH for the plants. As, if you are focusing n growing the plants in the hydroponics garden. You should check the pH which should be to the appropriate level.

The amount of water that is supplied to the plants is also very important. Water your plants almost regularly.

FAQS For Golden Tree Nutrient Reviews Canada


When all your important questions like what ratio should I use for my weed plants and what type of fertilizer should I use, then all your confusions get resolved after reading the above-provided details. Our 5 Golden Tree Nutrient Reviews Canada listed provide will leave no confusion in your mind that what would be right for your plants as those products give guaranteed results.

The ingredients are also an important component that requires special consideration. We hope that all the above-detailed reviews and buying guides would have helped you in choosing the best for your plants.