Best Window Air Conditioner Canada Reviews 2021

Best Window Air Conditioner Canada: What possibly can give you greater comfort than lying down in a cool room after a hot day of blazing heat. With the ever-increasing global warming, air conditioning has become a necessity in Canadian households.

Window air conditioners are usually preferred by those people who want to reduce the clutter inside their living spaces. These ACs are compact and occupy less space. Many of these fit in the existing window frames and for both horizontal and vertical windows.

Window ACs prove to be very cost-efficient in terms of energy usage. While buying one, always check for the BTU rating of the AC. The Higher The BTU rating, the larger the area it can cool.

Since air conditioning is a necessity, the market offers various types and kinds of ACs. Before buying one, you will need to consider many factors such as the area of the room, the intensity of climate, total usage hours, and the brand which offers the best Air conditioner. Today we will be covering 5 of the best window air conditioners in Canada.

List of Top 5 Best Window Air Conditioners Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.Perfect Aire 5PAC8000 8, 000 BTU Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Perfect Aire 5PAC8000 8, 000 BTU Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Perfect Aire is a highly rated Canadian brand that produces household electronics. The Perfect Aire’s Energy Star AC has a BTU rating of 8000. It is designed to provide air conditioning to small and medium-sized rooms.

To be precise, it can cool a room of up to 350 sq. ft. The user can easily customize the cooling settings as per their liking. The AC provides the option of adjusting the air direction. It also has three different speed settings for the cool mode and fan mode.

The AC comes with a remote control to adjust the settings, although a control panel is also installed on the AC unit. The control buttons are soft to touch. There is an LED display on which all the settings appear.

You can also select the timer to turn off your AC after a certain time. The auto, sleep, and fan modes help you regulate room temperature even When you are asleep. These features make it one of the best window air conditioners Canada.

This AC comes with an easy to mount kit, which makes its installation very convenient. The accompanying manual will help you in installation and will guide you about the setup. It is recommended to place your unit in an upright position for 24 hours before installation.

The AC has thin mesh filters inside. These purify the air that you will breathe and keep out dust, dirt, and bacteria. The filter it comes with is easily reusable and washable. Simply slip out the filter from its designated window and then wash it with mild soap and water.

This AC works perfectly well in hot and humid weather and does not cause any noise during the operation. Hence, Perfect Aire wall-mounted AC guarantees a comfortable full night’s sleep.

  • 8000 BTU rating
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized areas
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Remote controlled unit
  • Noiseless operation 
  • slightly expensive  

2.Frigidaire FHWW083WB1 Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FHWW083WB1 Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner

People who have experience in buying electronic appliances must be familiar with this name. Frigidaire is a versatile brand that produces a wide range of home and electronic kitchen appliances. Its wall-mounted air conditioner has a high BTU rating of 8000. This makes it ideal for your bedroom, living room, office meeting room, etc.

The ideal feature of this air conditioner is that it can be connected with any smartphone to operate it remotely. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Through a frigidaire app, wifi can connect your smartphone and air conditioner.

You can turn your AC on or off from your car as you leave or arrive from work. Similarly, the temperature settings, speed controls, and timer can also be set using remote access.

To ensure the AC delivers only clean and filtered air, it comes with a removable and washable filter. This filter catches all the dust and dirt and allows only clean and cool air to disperse in the room. You can easily remove and wash these filters.

Care must be taken to wash them frequently so that they might not clog them and disrupt the AC’s performance.

The AC is energy efficient. It drastically reduces the electricity bills and does not cost you a kidney to cool your room in the blazing heat. The AC has an LED display that shows temperature and other settings.

This display uses a feature called dimming lights. It automatically reduces the light glare after some time of inactivity. This feature not only saves electricity but also does not disturb you with bright lights while sleeping.

AC automatically resumes its operation after the restoration of electricity in case of a power failure. It has a six-directional air throw which quickly disburses the cool air. It also has three modes to operate in almost any season to make your room comfortably warm or cool.

  • Remote  access through wifi and frigidaire app 
  • Six directional air throw 
  • Energy-efficient  cooling system
  • Smart LED display
  • Three modes of temperature and speed settings 
  • Water drainage might be a problem. 

3.Danby DAC060EB6WDB 6,000 BTU Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Danby DAC060EB6WDB 6,000 BTU Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

Danby has been working for a long time to enhance the consumer’s lifestyle with high-end electronics. Danby has produced several models of air conditioners suitable for different types and kinds of rooms.

The energy star window air conditioner has 6000 BTU ratings. You can install this unit quite conveniently to cool any small to medium-sized room. It is also usable in any office or small business setting or an area of 250 sq. ft.

The AC cools the room efficiently because it has a unique, Follow Me function. This means that the remote control has an inbuilt thermostat. It allows for more precise room cooling. It also has various controls, such as energy-saving mode, which consumes less electricity. A sleep mode prevents the room from becoming too cold as you sleep.

The unit comes with a digital control panel on itself to control its temperature, timer, and other functions. It is easy to operate and has a digital display that displays the temperature. However, an accompanying remote control offers easy control while you rest on your bed. With a 24 hour timer, you can set your AC to turn off after a specific interval to save time.

Unlike many other units, this Air conditioner does not have any issue with excessive water drainage. The unit is designed to prevent the exterior side of your room from being flooded by the water that comes out of the AC.

The unit can fit equally well on a horizontal as well as the vertical window. With a four-direction air throw and three different fan speed settings, it is designed to cool any room along with energy savings. With all of these functions, the Danby energy star AC might prove to be the best window air conditioner in Canada for a small household.

  • Quick cooling with a higher BTU rating
  • Precise cooling with follow me function 
  • Sleep mode adjusts cooling during the night 
  • Convenient LED display 
  • Easy access with remote control
  • No wifi connectivity
  • Noisy operation at first  

4.MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window Air Conditioner, 5000 BTU

MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window Air Conditioner, 5000 BTU

MIDEA might be a relatively newer brand, but it is reliable and has produced high-end electronic items. A compact and smart-looking unit, MIDEA window air conditioners have a BTU rating of 5000. It is ideal for 150 sq. ft.

The Air conditioner is ideal for a small room, study area, small office, shop, or cafe. It delivers an airflow that cools the room rapidly and prevents over-chilling by temperature regulations.

The operation of this Air conditioner is quite simple. It provides the options of 7 different temperature settings. It also has two cooling speeds and two only fan speeds that keep the room’s environment consistent. With a two-way airflow, the cool air spreads in the entire area rapidly.

This Air conditioner can be easily installed within your current window frame. Ideally, it can fit in the window of approximately 23 to 26 inches width and 13 inches height. It is an energy-efficient unit which saves you much of the costs of electricity bills.

The unique feature of This air conditioner is that it comes with a mesh filter. It does not only keep the dust and dirt outside. It also filters the bacteria and keeps the air clean and sanitized. These types of mesh filters also help keep out strong smells and foul odors out of the room.

Odor-free and fresh air enhances sleep quality and proves beneficial to health. Additionally, The AC is extremely quiet in its operation and does not disturb you while sleeping.

  • Mesh filter for fresh and clean air  
  • Electronic control for easy  operation 
  • Remote  control for easy access 
  • Two-way airflow 
  • Quick cooling system 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Not suitable for larger areas

5.TCL 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

TCL 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Last but not least on our list is the TCL window-type air conditioner. TCL is a known electronics brand and produces some of the best portable window types and split ACs. It has a rating of 5000 BTU. This can lower the temperature of any small room by up to 150 sq. ft.

The unit can fit into any window frame of 23 to 36 inches width and 14.5 inches height. The installation is very convenient with the help of the provided installation kit. This AC unit has manual knobs to adjust the temperature as well as the timer settings.

The AC has a robust cooling system that quickly lowers the temperature of any room. Upon starting, the AC works on higher speed settings at first to throw off the cool air. When the room gets cooled, you can switch to lower-speed settings.

However, despite this powerful operation, it does not create any noise. The AC’s operation is silent and does not disrupt your sleep.

To keep your environment hygienic, this window air conditioner comes with an easy-to-clean mesh filter. It filters out all the dust and dirt to ensure only clean air circulates in the room. It also gets rid of environmental bacteria, resulting in an odor-free clean, and new environment.

This Air conditioner has two different cooling settings to maintain the room temperature at night. Two different fan settings ensure that the room does not get too chilly. You can also set the timer of any duration to turn the AC off while you sleep automatically.

Remember that an AC with a 5000 BTU rating is ideal for a small room. It will take some time to cool a larger room. If you should buy an Air Conditioner for a large area, choose one with a higher BTU rating for efficient results.

  • 5000 BTU ratings 
  • It fits a standard window frame  
  • Two cooling and fan speed settings
  • Easy setup and installation 
  • No digital controls 
  • No LED display 
  • No connectivity with wifi 

Final Thoughts  

Air conditioning has become a vital part of our everyday lives. A proper temperature of the room ensures proper sleep, which is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

While the Split ACs and portable ones are trending, people still prefer window-type air conditioners. It is because they are energy efficient and require less hassle during installation. They cool the room almost immediately and then maintain the temperature throughout the night.

Today the market is flooded with thousands of models of Air conditioners,  each one coming from some of the best brands. They all have their own unique set of features which makes them ideal for different types of rooms.

Therefore, selecting one might be a tedious task. We advise you to conduct a thorough market survey before making a final decision. Our blog has covered 5 of the best window Air conditioners Canada. We hope this will help you in selecting one of the best products.