Top 10 Best Trimming Trays Canada Reviews 2021

Best Trimming Trays Canada: Trimming Tray might be a useless thing for you but the gardeners seem to enjoy and work efficiently in the presence of this. It helps you collect the buds, herbs, and shrubs easily. Do you want to sift and trim the herbs in your hydroponics gardens at the same time? Yes, this is possible with the help of a Trimming Tray.

The trimming trays have the sifters and the micro sieve pollen screen in them to separate the small extras and the pollens from the buds, herbs, and other collectibles. Now you can tri faster avoiding all the repetitive stress injury and get the most out of every plant you grow in your garden!

Below are some detailed reviews of the best trimming trays for you to sort out what you want to purchase to increase the production and efficiency of your garden.

List of Top 10 Best Trimming Trays Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.TrimBin Harvest More Trimming Tray

TrimBin Harvest More Trimming Tray

 TrimBin Harvest more trimming trays are the best for your hydroponic garden. It has a top bin with a 150micron stainless screen non-removable screen installed. Another bottom bin with a mirror finish is also provided with one static brush for cleaning the tray properly. Both of these bins are made up of recyclable polypropylene.

This Trim bin Harvest More is innovative and ergonomic that increases the efficiency of the trimming tray significantly. The biggest benefit of the trim bin is that it saves you time, efficiency is gained, and fatigue does not come near to you. Unlike other trim trays, the Harvest More trim trays have a high-walled design that keeps the work contained, and the pickings do not fall also.

This trim tray has an ergonomic laptop tray design which helps rest the tray in your lap and lets you work comfortably at a table, chair, couch, or anywhere you like. Comfort comes first! Now you can get the most out of your herb collection as this trim tray has a built-in, super fine, stainless steel mesh tray so you can catch all the extra kief which can be used for medicinal purposes.

  • Large mesh grid for sorting out the plants
  • It fits in other Harvest More trim trays
  • A bag available for quick packaging
  • Replaceable bags are not present with it

2.TrimBin Harvest More Trimming Trays with mesh pollen Kief Sieve Sifter

TrimBin Harvest More Trimming Trays with mesh pollen Kief Sieve Sifter

This set of 8 trim trays by Trim Bin Harvest More is just the same as the ones mentioned above. They make the most money possible for the growers at every trimming job. This makes the trimming process faster, beneficial, more profitable, more efficient and keeps you away from tiring your wrists. It is a set of two trays, one is the top mesh bin and the bottom one with mirror finish for easy kief and pollen collection.

Like the trimming trays mentioned above, these also have high walls to keep the splits or bots of the trimmed herbs from falling here and there minimizing the mess. As you manicure the final products, this tray provides enough room for properly and quickly separating the buds from leaves and herbs.

The TrimBin Trim tray has easy to carry and adjustable laptop tray design that fits in your lap easily. It lets you work freely be it on a table, chair, or couch, your comfort will not be disturbed. This ergonomic design is conducive to your workflow and features rounded arms grooves to release stress from elbows.

  • Ergonomic comfortable design
  • High walls for an easy and mess-free collection
  • Bigger pack
  • Double tray design for easy sorting and sifting
  • No extra bag is provided for mess collection

3.GreenSadi Trimming Tray with Trimming Scissors

GreenSadi Trimming Tray with Trimming Scissors

The GreenSadi Trimming Tray is relatively small and is lightweight. This makes the trimming tray portable and versatile. The design is specially and consciously engineered by the engineers to make it more acceptable and comfortable for the growers.

Talking about the design, this has a solid finish with a non-slip rubber surface which makes it easy to hold and put it in any way. You do not need to fear about its slipping away from your knees or the tabletop. It has a streamlined and efficient 150-micron fine mesh.

This trim tray provides you everything from fast and efficient performance, effective trimming with sharp trimming shears. A magnifying glass for better clarity and a small brush is also provided with it. This slim and pollen sifter box set is made to set and fit in your lap or anywhere you want to work with ease. It does not have high walls so rest your arms easily along with it and work comfortably!

  • Lightweight
  • Strong, sleek, and smart design
  • Low walls for proper arm-rest
  • Ani-slim bottom
  • Sharp High-quality scissors are available
  • Low walls can cause spilling of herbs and pollens
  • Gaps between the upper and lower tray

4.Common Culture Trimming Tray

Common Culture Trimming Tray

Common Culture Trimming Tray is designed to cater large amount of pollens without any losses. It is a bigger size trimming size of about 13″ x 20″ for epic harvest trays. The thick, strong, and sturdy polymer body makes the process safer, faster, easier, and better.

This does not cause any losses from the gaps due to rivets. The flusher and sifter in this is the 150 microns mesh sieve that sifts and separates the herbs. No rivets in it mean no pollen loss. You won’t worry about dropping the flowers while trimming in your hydroponic garden. It is highly effective in collecting heaps of buds and pollen.

Enjoy yourself while trimming sitting on your couch, sofa, chair, or table. A pollen mesh screen with a bottom harvest bin, 2 pairs of trimming scissors, a magnifying card, a brush for cleaning the sifting mesh, and 2 Integra Boost packs are provided with the trimming. This brings an all-setup trimming kit for you.

  • All the crucial accessories are provided with it.
  • Rivetless sifter with no gaps
  • No mess and no spilling of flowers or pollens
  • Thick sturdy polymer design
  • No extra bag provided for pollen collection
  • Size may be too big

5.Happy Hydro Kief Collector Trimming Tray

Happy Hydro Kief Collector Trimming Tray

This Happy Hydro Kief Collector Trimming Tray is the most lightweight version present in the series of trimming trays and is the most affordable model on the list. It is low in its price, but it can compete with the high-quality and highly prized trimming trays out there. If we talk about its most distinctive feature you would be shocked to know that it is its weight which is only 1.4 pounds.

The upper pan of the trimming tray is stainless steel mesh while the lower bin is made of rubber bottom to get rid of any unpleasant pleasant feeling or tipping situations.

Also, it has low walls so that you can hold the tray conveniently without straining your hands but other flowers or pollens can fall out while you trim buds and herbs. The Happy Hydro trimming tray is manufactured to increase the harvest and make your growing productive during the processing and manicuring of the plants.

Its low-profile design rests in your lap letting you work efficiently and comfortably.

  • It is lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • The rubberized bottom makes it non-slipping
  • Better design
  • The walls are too low

6.TrimBin Harvest More Filter Herb Trimming Tray

TrimBin Harvest More Filter Herb Trimming Tray

This is another product from Harvest More o give you more comfort and efficiency. This grid has a larger grid to sort out the plants which are bigger bits. An oven bag measuring 16 X 17.5 inches is attached below the tray to collect materials. In this way, you can easily collect the buds and plants for sorting, storage, or selling.

You can also remove the bag if you wish by shifting it to the lower tray of the bin. In this way, you can excellent integrated and sorted crop processing. It is manufactured for optimal collecting and sorting.

It is an ultra-lightweight workstation, easy to carry, and easy to clean trimming tray. This model has high walls which keep sorted and sifted or collected flowers, buds, and pollens within the trimming tray without any mess or loss of the pollens. Like its previous model, it has thick rounded edges with easy-grip special recesses for hands.

  • Easy-grip
  • Lightweight
  • Thick sturdy hand grips
  • Large grid present for easy plant sorting
  • A bag for quick collecting and packaging
  • No extra replaceable bags

7.Heavy Harvest Trimming Tray

Heavy Harvest Trimming Tray

The Heavy Harvest Trimming Tray is the best option if want to lessen the mess and gaining a more productive amount of flowers, buds, and pollens. The product can be used in many ways by placing it on your lap, on the top of the table, or when you are sitting on your couch.

This makes the trimming tray super comfortable to work with. The trimming station is itself very convenient and multi-layered. Its top pan is 150-micron which can easily separate or soft out the pollen grains, and kief. These pollen grains and kief can be used afterward in medicines or for any other purposes.

The most important feature of this tray that we would like to mention is that it comes with a magnifying card that helps in getting a closer look at what you are trimming and what needs to be trimmed. Also, one noticeable feature of it is its bright orange color which makes it more appealing. This makes it the best choice being affordable, lightweight, and lap-friendly as well.

  • Features non-slip base
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Extra 100 or 200-micron screens are provided
  • It is a bit pricey
  • The trimming tray has lower walls

8.TrimBin Harvest More Trimming Tray (Pack of 2)

TrimBin Harvest More Trimming Tray (Pack of 2)

This Trim Bin Harvest More Trimming Tray is a pack of 2 trays and mentioned and reviewed above. It has a better design and harvest offers more variants and better quality than the other competitors. It has a top tray of 150-microns which is not removable and is also stainless-steel. The bottom bin has a mirror finish.

A Harvest More static brush is also provided with it which is very soft and dry. It lets you dry and clean the particles or any dust from the tray top and bottom. It does allow you to clean efficiently and effectively without contamination.

This trimming tray increases productivity by alleviating user fatigue and discomfort. Now you can work anywhere easily and efficiently by putting the trimming tray in your lap, on the chair, on the couch, or onto the table. Its ergonomic design reduces back, shoulder, and wrist fatigue.

  • The mesh screen is replaceable
  • Sturdy material build
  • Easy to carry and hold
  • Thick recess handles given for better grip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Relatively expensive
  • A bit heavy

9.Honey Bee Trimming Tray with 100 microns Tray Top

Honey Bee Trimming Tray with 100 microns Tray Top

The Honey Bee Trimming Tray features the quality of the top trimming tray with the finest screen of 100-micron and a standard tray of 150-micron. We need to fit in the micron tray over the base tray or under the yellow tray of 150-micron.

It also has its black variant in it in which the black 200-micron variant will fit into the lower standard base tray. Now, how would you assemble these trays to get the finest quality and easy sifting? Choose the finest screen of 100-micron and the widest screen or the lower pan at 150-micron. You can also choose the widest screen with 200-micron.

It has a more surface area of about 7.125 square inches than the competitors and is made for more and better sifting of pollens and manicured flowers. It is lightweight, better, and affordable.

Also, this has low walls, which can be a drawback as it can let out the flower bits or pollens.

  • Better sifting
  • More surface area
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-layered
  • Lower walls

10.TrimBin Harvest More Gray Trimming Tray

TrimBin Harvest More Gray Trimming Tray

The Trim Bin Harvest More is the most affordable and reliable brand out there for purchasing the Trimming Trays. You will buy the trim trays and will work comfortably. This will increase efficiency as well as productivity while keeping your comfort in check. It has a sleek and sturdy design.

Its ergonomic design makes trimming a lot more comfortable for you. You can work anywhere in your garden or your house sitting on a chair, couch, or I the table. It is so lap-friendly that you can easily fit it into your lap and work comfortably.

In our opinion, Harvest More is currently the best gardening company for purchasing gardening goods or for getting your trimming trays. It has convenient thick handles and dips for holding the trimming tray. Unlike many models, this trim bin tray has higher walls so the valuable plant parts like the pollens or the flower bits will not fall out. This variant of the Trim Bin Trimming Tray has a gray color.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy grabbing handles for grip
  • Extra screens available
  • No bag for extra collectibles

BUYING GUIDE For Best Trimming Trays Canada

Now that we have listed the top most trimming trays that offer the best features, we want to make it easier for you. The attempt to choose the best products for your plants is a mind-boggling process, but not anymore. This buying guide in the section below will provide you some basic knowledge about trimming to let you understand the type of product you would like to purchase for your hydroponics garden.

Non-slip bottom

Make sure that the trimming tray that you purchase does not have slippery bottom. The bottom should be rubberized. This will make the base stable on any surface you put it on. This will also make sure that the tray does not slip accidently and result in crop loss.


If you work on table or by sitting on the chair then you should make sure that trimming tray has an ergonomic or lap-friendly design. This will make sure that you work comfortably instead of straining your legs and arms. Ergonomic trimming trays will let your elbows rest and you can work anywhere being comfortable in your comfort zone.

Also, check out that the front wall must have the recess so that it can support your wrists and elbows without putting strain or any pressure on them. A Trimming tray with handles will let you hold it easily.

Size of the Tray

There are models present of different sizes wider and lengthier. More wider options are of 6.125 inches while the other are of 7.125 inches having more surface area. But we would recommend you paying attention to the walls of the trimming trays more than anything. High-walls ensure that all the important stuff like buds, flowers, kief or pollen that you have collected do not fall out.


The material of the trimming trays should be ideal and durable so that it can withstand the cleaning processes and stand various seasons of crops. Most of the trays are made up of plastics, so always go for more durable and thick sturdy material.

It is better to choose the screens of trimming trays made of stainless steel and then you should clean it with brush. Good manufacturers also provide some additional screens of various mesh numbers. Mostly, 100-micron screens are present in the market, however, 150 and 200-micron screens are also available. It all depends on your choice that what you want to choose.


The weight of the trimming tray is very important feature.  It should light-weight and not putting any pressure on your legs so that you can easily carry it and take it anywhere. You can put it over you lap without straining your legs. This would help increasing the efficiency and productivity.

The task won’t be any longer tedious for you. Happy and comfortable trimming leads to better results. If the tray would be heavy then you won’t enjoy your work. It will become a monotonous task for you. So, it is suggested to check the weight of the trimming tray surely. It should be light-weight.


Budget is an essential part of every purchase we make. So, look for the above features, if all of them are fine and you would be comfortable using that tray then go for the one with lowest price.

FAQS For Best Trimming Trays Canada


Trim Trays are an essential part of gardening for when you are picking on the plants, collecting herbs and buds especially the cannabis buds. You can not only collect the used but these trays help in collecting a large number of pollens and kief.

For some, this is not beneficial and is trash but for many, this is medicine. All the trim trays bring something new to the table that gives you much ease and a lot of benefits. The choice of using trim trays also depends on how much you use them or how much comfortable you are. However, all the trim trays are best in their domains. We hope all these details have helped you in choosing the best for you.