Top 10 Best pH Meters for Hydroponic Canada Reviews 2021

Best pH Meters for Hydroponic Canada: Hydroponic gardening can be quite tough sometimes.  It seems like a science class of undergraduates! You could list hundreds of circumstances where you would need pH meters or need to buy the pH meter. There are many tools to help you with that, however, the best you can find is the pH meter which can help you with finding accurate pH values along with the temperature.

Soil gardening is not that difficult as you do not need to be that much concentrated but hydroponic gardening needs some special focus for the proper growth and development of the plants. The water quality, soil quality, and especially the pH of the soil need to be tracked.

If the soil is not monitored properly, it can get alkaline or acidic and the plants do not grow properly. Also, this can give a load of frustration dealing with sickly plants and giving the plants their required nutrition.

Hydroponics demand more focuses concerning the pH of the soil. So, you need to invest in a proper and good-quality pH meter to make your plants grow successfully.

Our Picks of Top 10 Best pH Meters for Hydroponic Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.Preciva Digital pH Meter

Preciva Digital pH Meter
pH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 60 grams
Accuracy ± 0.01
Relative Humidity 95%
Calibration Method 2-points calibration method
Operating Temperature 0 ° C to 50 ° C

Preciva pH meter is a pH measuring instrument. It can be calibrated very easily. This is an ideal pH meter for swimming pool, tap water, aquarium, students lab, other liquids, and is best for fishing as well. It measures the PH of the soil and water to check if it is ready for the plants or not.

When we talk about its display, it has a backlit LCD showing the pH value. The pH meter is highly responsive, precise, and easy-to-read displays. It has an automatic switch-off which increases the life expectancy of the batteries. It comes with custom LR44 batteries.

A health pH level is a basic pH level. Acidic soils do not grow plants well. It protects the environment and is also user-friendly. The accuracy is 0.01, providing full pH measurements. This pH meter has a range of 0-14 with an error of 0.05.

It is quite handy, portable, and no test strips are needed for measuring the pH. You just need to keep the PH meter in the solution or liquid for at least 50 secs for better reading.

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Clear display
  • Best for students, and household use
  • Resolution is 0.01
  • The batteries are customized

2.Sxstar Temperature meter and digital pH meter

Sxstar Temperature meter and digital pH meter
pH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 80 grams
Accuracy +/- 0.1 pH
Relative Humidity  < 95%
Calibration Method 2 points automatic calibration
Operating Temperature 0 – 60°C

This Sxstar pH meter is among the bests pH meter which is easy to use. It can measure pH in the range of 0-14. It is highly accurate with a resolution of 0.01. You can use it to test the pH levels of any kind of liquid be it a liquid in the school lab, aquarium, pools, spas, hydroponics, etc.

It is a digital pen-style pH meter which is very handy, not just because of its sturdy, sleek design but its small size also serves the part. Two pH buffer powders are also provided with it for proper calibration. The display is also good, it is backlit and shows all the measurements of values correctly. A Cal key is also provided on the pH Meter for easy calibration.

Excellent TDC and EC tester are also provided with it. These can be used for the monitoring the quality of food and drinks, for measuring the quality of water in water purifiers and filters, and is also used in pools, spas, hydroponics, and aquarium.

  • TDS and EC meter for better food and drinks quality-check
  • Good display
  • Precise
  • Resolution of 0.01
  • Reading sometimes fluctuate

3.Akarued Digital pH meter tester kit

Akarued Digital pH meter tester kit
Akarued Digital pH meter tester kit
PH Measure Range 0-14
Weight  50g
Accuracy ±0.01pH
Relative Humidity < 95%
Calibration Method Automatic calibration
Operating Temperature 0°F – 140°F

The PH meter under consideration is designed well with auto-calibration.  This pH tester gets you the result fast and accurately. It provides you the pH readings fats and instantly by using its temperature compensating feature that lets it adjust to the water or liquid temperature and liquid quality.

Its high accuracy is related to its highly sensitive electrode sensor which reads the pH values precisely. It provides you accurate readings for hydroponics pH, pools, and even drinking water to make sure that your liquid has your desired and balanced pH value.

It can be calibrated easily by using the pH buffer powder with the button on it for calibration. The pH meter has high-accuracy with 0.01 resolution and a high-quality glass-probe which is appropriate for a wide range of applications.

This pH meter is an ideal kit to be used in labs, aquariums, and at homes to test the quality and pH of your food or the liquids that you are using.

  • Good quality display
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Sleek design
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Automatic temperature compensation feature present
  • The screen display is slightly dim.
  • The buffer powders provided are less.

4.Hanna pH tester

Hanna pH tester
pH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 100 g
Accuracy -0.2pH
Relative Humidity < 95%
Calibration Method Two-step manual calibration
Operating Temperature 0-50 degrees

Hanna pH tester is one of the best and a basic pH tester. IT  is easy to use and is quite handy. It can be used at many places for the proper measurement of pH. Hanna is a reputable manufacturer of pH meters and has come up with this piece of high accuracy.

It is a good tester for pH, however, this has one benefit, which is its narrow probe. Due to its narrow probe and sleek design, this can be used for measuring the pH of liquids in the test tubes or of the small samples.

A two-step manual calibration system is present in it which is done through trimmers. Custom calibration feature is also present in it. If we talk about the display, it is a single-line small LCD screen for the values display and easy viewing. 

All-in-All it is a good PH meter is fast, accurate, lightweight, and is with 3000 hours of battery life, so you need to worry about the frequent change of the battery.

  • Starter and portable set
  • The calibration check function is present
  • Automatic temperature Compensation feature present
  • Accurate and reliable
  • It is waterproof
  • Its cap has no seal lock

5.Voniry digital pH meter

Voniry digital pH meter
PH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 50 g
Accuracy 0.01pH
Relative Humidity 95%
Calibration Method Automatic calibration
Operating Temperature 0°C – 80°C

Voniry digital p H meter is compact, a pen-sized instrument used for measuring pH that can be used outdoor as well as for household purposes. This is suitable for measuring the PH of the pools, drinking water, milk, food, aquarium, soil, etc. It is best to be used by the students in the laboratory.

The most appealing features are its small-size and second is affordability. This pH testing accuracy kit is safe and easy to use to check if your food or liquids are at balanced pH. It reads pH levels with the help of its sensitive electrode sensor. A detailed manual is also provided with it for better and accurate results.

This has an auto-calibration system so you can get at ease concerning its calibration. The pH meter has an auto-temperature compensation system that adjusts to the temperature of the water and its quality for instant and accurate pH readings. The tester can be calibrated using the 4 to 6.86 buffer powder with the help of the calibration button provided with it.

  • Auto-temperature compensation feature
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to read calibration
  • Waterproof
  • No protection against freezing temperatures

6.TekSky digital pH meter

TekSky digital pH meter
pH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 108 g
Accuracy 0.01 pH
Relative Humidity 95%
Calibration Method Two-step manual calibration
Operating Temperature 0°C – 60°C

This is a small pocket-sized pH tester used to find out the exact and accurate pH value of many foods and drinks used in the homes, school labs, and outdoors like pools, spas, aquariums, hydroponics, etc. Basically, it is an ideal testing kit for students and its measure does not match the industrial accuracy.

It is wide applications and is very lightweight which makes it portable and affordable as well. An ON/OFF key is given with it to measure the start of the measurement after immersing it into the sample. It also comes with a protective cap. You need to keep waiting to get a stable reading for at least 30 seconds.

Its core functional part is its sensitive glass-probe which is very important and should not be exposed to air for a long time so it needs to be kept capped after use. This is for measuring or sensing temperature and pH levels. It is important in providing the auto-temperature compensation system.

Its recalibration after the first use can be done easily with the help of the three Ph powder buffers.

  • Minimalistic
  • Quick response time
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy design
  • Not a longer life-span

7.Generic digital pH meter

Generic digital pH meter
pH Measure Range  0-14
Weight 120g
Accuracy 0.01 pH
Relative Humidity 95%
Calibration Method Two-step auto-calibration
Operating Temperature 0-50 degrees

The Generic pH meter is affordable and durable. It is the basic-level and the mini version of the above-reviewed pH meters. This is the best choice for the students. Not only the adults but kids can also use for experimentation a sit is light-weight, easy to carry, easy to use, and gives accurate results.

The pH meter does not have industrial accuracy, however, it is enough sturdy and strong along with a good sensor for showing accurate results. Its sensor is very sensitive to the pH levels that give exposure to it.

It can simultaneously measure and display the pH and temperature results. It shows and detects temperature with the help of the auto-temperature compensation feature integrated into it. This helps to get two values for better and balanced results.

Be it the pools, school labs, aquarium, drinking water, or domestic samples or liquids, this pH meter will help you get the balanced value and the accurate value of pH. The point to note here is that you need to wait for the results for 30 to 40s. This is just to get a stable and balanced pH value.

  • Small pocket-sized meter
  • Accurate
  • Best for the students
  • Easy to carry and use
  • The digital display bugs out sometimes

8.Eletorot PH TDS meter

Eletorot PH TDS meter
PH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 50g 
Accuracy 0.01 pH 
Relative Humidity95%
Calibration Method Automatic calibration
Operating Temperature 0-140 Fahrenheit

It is a complete tester kit to ensure that the liquids or food that you are using are safe to use and have balanced pH. This is very easy to use, carry, and calibrate. This kit not only helps in measuring the pH of water but the temperature and quality as well.

It is made up of nice and sturdy material. This pen-sized tester is very small, and light-weight which makes it portable. It comes with a TDS meter which is also small-sized and is easy to use. The pH meter can measure pH within the range of 0-14 while the TDS meter has a range of 0-19990ppm. It also gives quick readings.

Talking about its calibration, the pH tester calibrates on its own as it has the auto-calibration feature. It calibrates three times. You do not need any tools to do so. In order to measure the pH value, just remove the protective cap on the pH meter, and dip it into the sample, then wait for 30-50 secs. This is to get a stable and balanced reading. The electrode is very sensitive to the acidic or basic levels of the samples so it gives accurate readings. Also, an ON/OFF button is provided on the meter for easy use.

  • Comes with a TDS water tester
  • Reliable
  • pH and quality of water or liquids can be measured easily
  • Easy calibration
  • The battery runs down quickly

9.Bluelab Combo meter

Bluelab Combo meter
PH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 149g
Accuracy 0.1 pH
Relative Humidity 95%
Calibration Method Push-button calibration
Operating Temperature 0-80 degrees

The BlueLab Combo meter is the best testing kit out there. It can give you pH, conductivity, and temperature measurement. It satisfies the saying, More in Less! For how affordable it is and gives better, quick, and accurate results. BlueLab has made one of the finest pH meters in history for your ease.

This testing kit is a good choice for hydroponics. It will allow you to focus on your gardening more and the plant’s health will always be in check. Basically, this is also a starter kit. It can be used in abs, home, and in outdoor activities like aquariums, pools, fishing ponds, etc. Water is the best and common sample to measure or test the kit.

A replaceable double-junction pH probe is included in this. Its double-junction probe reduces the build-up on it to give faster and accurate results as compared to the standard glass probe. This pH meter is portable and does not require any electricity to operate. Its calibration is a simple two-point calibration system which is also known as the push-button calibration system, by the button present on the pH meter. Before the first, always remember to calibrate the probe.

  • Gives more results in less price
  • Completely waterproof
  • The probe is kept moist by the presence of a sponge in the cap
  • Longer life-span
  • Quick response time
  • Sensor bulbs are fragile

10.Dr. Meter Digital PH meter tester kit

Dr. Meter Digital PH meter tester kit
PH Measure Range 0-14
Weight 120 g
Accuracy 0.01 pH
Relative Humidity 95%
Calibration Method Three-point automatic calibration
Operating Temperature 0-70 degrees

If you are a bit low on budget and want to get your hands on a decent pH meter, then you should go for this. At this affordable price-point, this pH meter measures both the temperature and pH of the samples. Among so many options you will find Mr. Meter pH meter, the best choice for your garden. It has a clear and wide display.

It is just like a quality-control in your palm. If you use this in a neutral solution, it should be calibrated after a half month or fortnightly. But if you use it for a sample solution of pH 10 then it should be calibrated weekly. The calibration solution should be 250ml in the beaker taking 10ml each time. Also, before the next test rinse the electrode with water and rest it for 3-5 mins when you go testing from strongly acidic to alkaline solutions.

This is calibrated with a three-step calibration method which is quite simple and easy. Also, it has an auto-temperature calibration system for measuring temperature. This ensures that you get the best and accurate readings. Unlike other meters, this meter gives readings with a wider window of temperature from 0 to 70 degrees.

  • Decet meter with a good price point
  • It is easy to calibrate
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast results
  • Nice display
  • The batteries are difficult to install
  • Replacement probes are not available

BUYING GUIDE For Best pH Meters for Hydroponic Canada

When you get the measuring instruments you usually get what you pay for. Also, you tend to get the best out of your money, but this only happens when you have enough knowledge about what you want to purchase.

A pH measures the alkalinity or acidity of the substance ranging from 0 to 14. There are many types of pH meters offered by any brand out there. But the main concern is that what you want to purchase. To make your purchase the best you should have some basic knowledge regarding that particular thing.

So, here we have enlisted some detailed important points to consider while buying a pH meter for your hydroponic garden.

The precision of the pH meter:

The precision and accuracy of the pH meter are very important to consider. If its precision will not be up to the mark then there will be a difference in readings. This can be dangerous as most of the pH meters have an accuracy of plus/minus 0.2. The difference in readings of 0.2 above and below is not good at all.

For instance, if you are measuring the pH of beets which 4.6 for the canned ones and the reading got near to the fence but is safe when using the pH meter with an accuracy of plus and minus 0.2 will make a great difference in reading that is dangerous.

The Ph meters with an accuracy of plus and minus 0.01 are quite considerable for the confident results. Like in most of the soil testings, when you need a confident ballpark, you should go for the pH meters with 0.2 accuracy. So, get a pH meter that can get you balanced readings.


Sometimes, you need to get instant readings, so the pH meter should be portable and lightweight. Moving and taking the samples here and there in the lab or anywhere else can alter the readings so the pH meter should be sleek, small, and lightweight to get instant results at the spot. This will preserve the accuracy of the pH meter as well.

Purpose of usage:

The purpose or intention of usage of the pH meter is also very important. If you do not know why you are purchasing the pH meter or if you do not know how to use the pH meter then this purchase would not be beneficial. It would be a good idea to make that purchase.

There are different types of pH meters having different usage guides and different purposes along with pH findings. What matters the most is the proper knowledge. Firstly, make yourself clear about the purpose for what you are buying the pH meter. If you are buying a pH meter for the measurement of pH of your hydroponic’s soil garden.

Know and study the usage and features of different pH meters and buy that which gives the best benefits.


Temperature is a key feature in the measurement of pH. This can alter the composition of the substances and their chemistry as well, so make sure the temperature of the sample is normal, it is neither very hot nor very cold. Optimum temperature gives you balanced pH levels and instant results.

If the temperature will be high, the sample can change its activity and shape due to which the pH results also change. Cold conditions also give different pH than normal.

For accuracy in results, the pH meter should be calibrated at the same temperature as is the temperature of the sample.

Build and Design:

Many pH meters have a strong and sturdy design but some are so sleek and fragile that they get damaged or broken. Also, they have automatic sensor bulbs to measure or detect pH. Sometimes, the bulb is made up of fragile glass sensors.

People prefer the pH meter with a cap, this protects the bulb sensor to give you exact readings. The pH meters also detect the temperature, people prefer this. As it has two in one function of measuring pH and temperature.

Easy to use:

The pH meter should be easy to use. You need to dip the pH meter into the sample and get instant results. No complications should be there in the usage of a pH meter.

It needs to be simple, small just like a pen, and light-weight so you can carry it anywhere and everywhere. Some pH meters are also capped. This is for the protection of the meter so make sure the sensor of the pH meter is covered and protected.


Check out your budget before you make a purchase. If you want to make a good purchase, you should have a good budget to ensure that you get the product for what you paid for. Usually, you get what you paid for in the case of the measuring instruments, but you know nothing is perfect in this world.


Calibration of the pH meter is very important. Every measuring instrument needs calibration to check if it is against the standard value or is up to the mark. Checking for accuracy is important because even the finely calibrated instruments undergo wear and tear after some years of use which will decrease the accuracy and working efficiency of the pH meter. The digital pH meters also need to be calibrated with the help of the colored liquid with known pH values.

Every pH meter has a different way of calibration means different methods are used to calibrate the pH meters. Some have automatic calibration and others have two or three-step auto or manual calibration.

Response Time:

The response time of the pH meter needs to be fast. It should be fast and accurate to get the best out of your device. If the pH meter will have a slow response then your work, research, or experimentation on your hydroponics garden can be delayed.

If you are testing for the soil of your garden and you want instant results then the pH meter should be fats. Also, no one has time to wait and watch for the results. But you still have to wait for 30-50 seconds to get accurate and balanced results. This is not much of a wait that will bother somebody.

FAQ For Best pH Meters for Hydroponic Canada


All the growers, beginners or professionals, want to do their best for the plants they grow in their garden, it is understood. For this, they need the best PH meter which is why we curated all the above well-researched and reliable data including reviews of the top best PH  meters along with the buying guide.

There are so many options available to you, you just need to select what is best for you and is within your requirements. We hope this has helped you and has solved many of your queries regarding what to choose and what to buy for your beloved garden.