Best Hummingbird Feeders Canada Reviews 2021

Best Hummingbird Feeders Canada: Hummingbirds are one of the most beautiful kinds of birds. They are unique and can fly like no other bird can. They can fly in every direction, i.e., forward and backward. If needed, they can also fly upside down.

They can also hover for a certain time while they are flying. Sounds amazing, right! This is why some people love observing hummingbirds and want to attract them to their gardens. For this purpose, a hummingbird feeder suits the best. A Hummingbird feeder holds the seeds and water which attract them and

Bird hobbyists and nature lovers often find pleasure in watching and feeding hummingbirds. It is especially the hobby of children or older adults. This not only brings them close to nature but also helps in improving mental health. Feeding hummingbirds also teaches the emotions of love, sympathy, and nature friendliness.

To pursue this hobby, not much is required. You need to get your hands on a nice hummingbird feeder. This holds homemade or packaged nectar. Usually, it is attractively designed to lure the birds. Hummingbird feeders are also sometimes used by artists. While the birds feed, they sketch or paint the natural sceneries.

But how to find one? What to look for while selecting a good hummingbird feeder? Which brand is best? Which one is easier to maintain? Today’s blog will answer all of these questions while reviewing some of the best hummingbird feeders in Canada. We have shortlisted some of the best brands. So let’s move on to our reviews without waiting.

Our Picks of Top 5 Best Hummingbird Feeders Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.CJJCCF Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors

CJJCCF Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors

CJJCF is amongst the most highly rated Hummingbird feeders. It is designed while keeping in mind all the factors that attract these little birds. It is cast out of blown glass which gives it a delicate look.

The painted colors are between the two layers of blown glass. With this technique, the colors will not wash or fade away with repeated washing. Double layered blown glass makes the overall structure resilient and durable. 

To make the construction of this feeder more secure, the food-grade silicone ring is attached between the edges. This prevents the leakage of nectar and protects it from contamination or microbial infestation. All the materials used are environmentally friendly. These features make it one of the best hummingbird feeders Canada.

The CJJCF hummingbird feeder has a special design. Since hummingbirds like certain colors and are attracted to flowers, the design features blue and green hues. Intricate patterns and flowers lure all the hummingbirds to your garden for your viewing pleasure.

With its suitable construction, it is very easy to fill the feeder with sugar water. You can see the inside volume at any time from outside and refill it before it empties. Cleaning is also easy. Simply remove the bottom cover and use a cleaning brush to clean the insides thoroughly.

This hummingbird feeder comes with many accessories. These include an ant moat, a hook, a cotton lanyard, and a brush. Ant moat is there to repel ants, while the hook can hang a small light or other accessories.

  • Looks delicate but is resilient and sturdy 
  • Attractive flowers and colors lure hummingbirds. 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Constructed out of high-quality material 
  • Not safe from ant infestation 

2.Nature’s Way Bird Products GHF5 Garden Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder

Nature's Way Bird Products GHF5 Garden Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are naturally attracted to colorful flowers or anything which has natural colors. The aesthetic sense of this bird is very good. Keeping in mind these factors, the Nature’s Way brand has produced a unique hummingbird feeder.

It is constructed out of thick and hand-blown glass and painted with natural autumn leaves colors. It has a 3 inches wide opening for convenient refill and cleaning. The feeder has three flower feeding ports around its wall to lure more birds into your garden.

The package also includes a decorative basket that can be hanged easily on a hook. It has perches for hummingbirds to rest on so that they can feed for long times.

All the elements of this feeder are made up of high-quality material. The feeding ports of flower shape are made out of high-quality aluminum. They are also coated with a UV stabilized coat to protect them from sunlight.

The flower ports are supported by gaskets that are bound by food-grade silicone. This ensures that no leakage occurs and the nectar does not get wasted. It remains firmly bound and does not crack even after being exposed to strong sunlight, rains, and winds. The feeder can hold 18 ounces of nectar at one time to feed many hummingbirds in 1 day.

This hummingbird feeder comes in a complete package. The elements include the glass feeder, aluminum-based flower feeding ports, silicone flower gaskets, lid gasket, hanging basket, and three chains.

The artificial nectar often gets spoiled and gets mold quickly. Hence it is essential to remove it and fill it with good nectar. For the cleaning purpose, all the elements are completely dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning convenient without the use of a cleaning brush or strong detergents.

  • Attractive design and beautiful colors 
  • Does not cause wastage of nectar 
  • easily cleanable in a dishwasher 
  • 18-ounce capacity 
  • Weather-resistant structure  
  • Glass may break if mishandled. 

3.Perky-Pet 209B Our Best Glass Hummingbird Feeder, Red, 30 OZ

Perky-Pet 209B Our Best Glass Hummingbird Feeder, Red, 30 OZ

If hummingbirds almost always surround your garden, you will need a bird feeder with a larger capacity. The Perky pet’s feeder can hold 30 ounces of nectar. It has a large plastic bottle as the nectar container, which has a wide mouth.

This makes it easy to open up, refill, and clean. The base has six different feeding ports. These are shaped like yellow-colored flowers to attract birds. Each has its bee guards so that the bees cannot infest the feeder or harm the hummingbirds. There is also an ant moat provided. You can fill it with water to prevent the ants from going inside the plastic bottle.

The base of this feeder can also be opened up. Each part is washable so that the hummingbirds get fresh nectar each time. Remember that the feeder should be kept mold-free all the time. For this, you must wash it after every week with a bar of mild soap and warm water

The feeder also comes with a free pack of nectar concentrate. You only need to dissolve this into water. It will give you an average of 8 ounces of nectar.

This hummingbird feeder attracts birds and proves to be an ideal gift for bird lovers and hobbyists. You can hang this around in your garden. Older people and young kids enjoy observing the birds hovering around this feeder and resting on it.

  • 30-ounce capacity to feed more birds 
  • Six brightly colored feeding ports 
  • Easily openable and washable 
  • Comes with a pack of instant nectar 
  • It is made up of resilient plastic 
  • The nectarsolar-powered container is not painted or decorated. 
  • Does not have additional hooks to hang accessories 

4.Nature’s Way Bird Products GHF7 Illuminated Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder

Nature's Way Bird Products GHF7 Illuminated Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder

Nature’s Way is a brand that tends to introduce new features into the previously available products. They have introduced exciting items for bird and animal lovers. One of them is the Nature’s Way hummingbird feeder.

The unique thing about this is that the feeder has LED lights. What’s more, the lights do not require any electric batteries nor charging for illumination. These are solar powered. The solar batteries can hold the charge for 8 hours while illuminated.

This feature makes the hummingbird feeder a beautiful lantern for the garden at night time. The LED lights feature make it one of the highly rated and best hummingbird feeders Canada

To protect the battery unit from nectar and water leakage, there are leak-free gaskets. These are located both on the lid and the flower ports. These ports seal the nectar tightly inside and do not cause any wastage. 

The feeder has a wider opening. This allows you to pour in all the nectar conveniently. The lid, flower-shaped feeding ports, and leak-proof gaskets are easily washable. You can also wash all these parts in a dishwasher. However, the LED unit should come in contact with water.

The hummingbird feeder also comes with a decorative hanging style basket. This basket has perches on which the hummingbirds can sit and relax their wings. While they are relaxed, they will feed for longer times. This will allow for more time for birdwatching and will keep the young children or older adults engaged.

  • Painted with attractive colors 
  • LED-lit feeder 
  • Backed up with solar-powered batteries 
  • Six feeding ports 
  • Constructed out of resilient material 
  • The beautiful decorative item for lawn
  • Leakproof inserts get hard with time. 

5.Perky-Pet 9102-2 Diamond Wine Top-Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder Purple 24 oz Capacity

Perky-Pet 9102-2 Diamond Wine Top-Fill Glass Hummingbird Feeder Purple 24 oz Capacity

We repeatedly include the Perky-Pet brand on our list because it produces the best quality items for birds and pets. This brand has earned consumer’s trust by using only top-rated materials and integrating unique features. All their items are available in the market at compatible prices. So even if you are a novice hobbyist, you can rely on this brand’s products without hesitation.

This hummingbird feeder from Perky pet is constructed out of high-quality glass. You can open the lid at the top and fill it with nectar with convenience.  Top-fill design makes the procedure less messy and quick. You do not need to invert the bottle, which may cause spills or leakages. The container can hold nectar up to 24 ounces. This is a good quantity to feed many birds at the same time. 

The base consists of feeding ports that are inspired by the hollyhock flower. These are made with soft material to impart that natural appeal of softness and delicateness. The attractive colors of red and purple lure more birds towards the feeder. There are a total of 5 ports which means that many birds can feed at the same time.

Many hummingbird feeders have a bee guard to keep the bees away from the feeder. Sometimes these bee guards are not too effective. This hummingbird feeder has another system to prevent bee infestation.

The feeding ports have a specially designed stem. This prevents the bees from obtaining the nectar, but your favorite birds will have no problem. In this way, you won’t have the extra parts as bee guards to wash and maintain.

Leakage is always a problem in many hummingbird feeders. However, this one has a leakproof gasket on its base. This retains all the nectar inside and doesn’t cause wastage of even a single drop.

All the parts such as The base, bottle, feeding lid, and feeding ports can be removed for washing.  It is essential to keep the feeder clean to ensure no mildew develops inside the feeder. Clean more often in the summer season.

  • Made up of high-quality glass 
  • Five ports to ensure simultaneous feeding 
  • Easy cleaning and washing  
  • Improved system to keep off bees 
  • Can hold 24 ounces of nectar
  • Some consumers reported leakage. 

Final thoughts

So, these are a few of the best hummingbird feeders in Canada. Before you rush out to buy one, be sure to note certain things. The bird feeder should be constructed out of resilient material. It should have the option to hang it in the garden.

The hummingbird feeder should have a good capacity to hold a suitable amount of nectar. All the parts could be removed and easily washable. The hummingbird feeder should be attractive in its colors so that more and more birds can come to feed. There should be some arrangement to keep off the bees and ants. Last but not the least, the structure should be leakproof to avoid mess.

In our review, we have included the products from the best and reliable brands. All the products have received positive reviews and are rated highly by the consumers. Some of them also come with packaged and powdered nectars, so you don’t have to create them at home.  We hope it will help you in making a wise selection. Happy birdwatching!!