Best Firewood Storage Canada Reviews 2021

Best Firewood Storage Canada: In the areas encountered by harsh snows and long winters, restocking wood becomes a tedious task. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an ongoing supply of wood for your fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, camping fires, etc. this will ensure that the supply does not run out before the snowy days’ end.

But where to store all this firewood. And how to keep it handy near the fireplace so that you can quickly warm your living space. The answer is simple. Go for a nice and sturdy firewood storage rack.

Firewood storage racks are generally built out of strong material. They have a good capacity to hold chopped wood, and most of them come with a set of tools. These help you in loading your fireplace with wood. The racks can be placed anywhere, indoor or outdoor, as it suits you better.

A lot of brands related to outdoor furniture are now producing firewood storage racks. They produce new and different models each day to meet the different needs of different people. But which brand to select. Which material is the best? Which model will hold more wood? Which product will keep the wood safe and dry? Our blog answers all these questions while reviewing a few of the best firewood storages Canada. All these reviews are done after carefully analyzing the racks, their material, and their storage capacities. Read on to find out more about some of their features, pros, and cons.

List of Top 5 Best Firewood Storage Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.ShelterLogic Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack

ShelterLogic Adjustable Heavy Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack

ShelterLogic is one of those brands which produce high-rated Outdoor shelters, storage canopies, backyard shelters, and tent sheds. Its products are rated highly by customers. The ShelterLogics Firewood rack is constructed out of good quality stainless steel.

It comes in dimensions of 15.5-inch width x 49.7-inch depth x 46.6-inch height. The Firewood rack can be placed anywhere, indoor as well as outdoor. It is powder-coated for a long-lasting finish and beautiful appearance.

This coating prevents the rack from catching rust, getting corroded, peeling or chipping, and damage from rain and moisture.  It comes in a free-standing mounting tye, hence can rest on both hard and soft grounds.

The firewood rack comes with an adjustable polyester cover. It is beneficial because it can be slid you or down to adjust to the height of the wooden logs. With this feature, you can fit in the slit wood of a maximum of 24 inches in length. The rack does not come pre-assembled. However, it is very easy to put all the pieces together in just a few minutes.

This firewood rack holds the firewood in such a way that it does not touch the ground. This prevents the wood from getting moist because moist wood will not light the fireplace properly. It also prevents the development of moths, mildew and prevents the bugs from infesting it. This firewood rack can hold the wood weighing up to 1100 pounds.

  • Can hold the wood up to 1100 pounds
  • Powder coating finish ensuring durability
  • Kees wood off the ground to prevent moths and mildew
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable cover to fit longer wood pieces
  • It does not have a shelved design

2.HOMCOM Indoor Outdoor Firewood Rack with 4 Tools

HOMCOM Indoor Outdoor Firewood Rack with 4 Tools

HOMCOMs product is one of the best firewood storages Canada. The brand is top-rated and also produces outdoor storage boxes, backyard sheds, barn items, and other accessories. HOMCOMs rack is constructed out of steel which is a durable material.

It is coated in black color, which protects the surface from many weather impacts. These features make the rack a long-lasting one. It is suitable to be ket in both an indoor and outdoor setting.

The HOMCOM fire storage rack is compact and does not take much of your room or sheds space. It has 40 inches in length, 40 inches in width, and 7.6 inches in height. The rack can hold up to 220lbs of firewood.

It is designed to keep the firewood off the ground. The bottom shelf is slightly elevated to keep all your wood. In this way, the wood does not get wet and decay. It also does not catch moths, mildew, or get damaged from environmental hazards. The rack also has four distinct hooks to hang the accessories.

The best feature about this firewood rack is that it comes in a complete package. Aside from the rack itself, the package includes a broom for the cleaning, a poker to adjust wood logs in the fireplace, a trowel to lift the hot logs, and a tong to take the hot logs out.

  • It can carry a good amount of wood
  • Space between the bottom shelves and ground kees the wood dry
  • Side hooks allow you to hang accessories conveniently
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not suitable for bigger fireplaces

3.Outsunny Wood Storage Rack Log Holder with Kindling Holder

Outsunny Wood Storage Rack Log Holder with Kindling Holder

Outsunny brand is a renowned one for producing backyard storage sheds, indoor furniture items, decorative accessories, or firewood racks. The materials are optimum, and the craftsmanship is superb. This is why next on our list of best firewood storage canada is Outsunnys storage rack.

This firewood storage rack is made out of metal. Metal kees it resilient and sturdy. It also makes it able to carry the heavy load of firewood to allow you to store it for longer times. The rack can hold a maximum of 220 lbs of wooden logs. 

The dimensions of this rack are 83.8 centimeters in length, 33 centimeters in width, and 76.2 centimeters in height. The exterior coating is in a matt black finish. This coating further adds to the strength of the rack.

It also allows it to be placed near the fireplace or stove without getting damaged. Even if placed outdoors, it can withstand the impact of weather such as rain or blazing sunlight. The rack is crafted in a rustic style. This makes its appearance very appealing and matches any interior or exterior setting. You can keep this rack in your garden, porch, shed, patio, or under the eaves.

The rack serves more than just storage purposes. The rack has two moveable holders. These are used for kindling or hanging the branches. 4 additional hooks are located at the sides, which can be sued to hold the additional accessories or the fireplace tools.

The shelve for holding the wood is located off the ground not to catch moisture. It also prevents the wood from getting decayed.

The rack comes with four additional tools. These include poker, a broom, a pair of tongs, and a shovel—these help lift and lace the hot wood logs to and from the fireplace.

  • Adjustable according to your kindling length
  • It holds a good amount of wood
  • It comes in a package with tools
  • Multipurpose rack
  • It can be placed anywhere interior or exterior
  • No space to keep paper

4.Best Choice Products 5-Piece Indoor Outdoor Wrought Iron Firewood Log Storage Ra

Best Choice Products 5-Piece Indoor Outdoor Wrought Iron Firewood Log Storage Ra

Best Choice brand roves to its customers that it is the best choice for them. The brand is well known for producing backyard sheds, storage boxes, patio items, exterior decoration, etc. Best Choice Firewood rack is unique in many ways.

It is constructed out of wrought iron, which is a fire-resistant material. This makes it possible to kee the rack near the fireplace, stove or it for which you require the firewood.  Wrought iron makes it light in weight and easy to carry around.

The material is resilient and strong to be a long-lasting one and hold a good amount of wood. Dimensions of this rack are 17 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 29 inches in height. Its maximum load capacity is 150 lbs.

The rack has two distinct shelves instead of one. This offers a better organization for wood logs and branches. The rack has four side hooks on which you can hang the accessories. These include the shovel, broom, tongs, and poker.

These tools come with this rack and allow easy placement of wood logs in the fireplace. This rack can be laced both in indoor and outdoor settings because it can withstand the impact of rain, moisture, dust, or dirt. It can impart a classy look to your living room if laced in an interior setting.

The rack is not reassembled. However, it requires only a little bit of assembly, and no technical assistance is required.

  • Two distinct storage shelves
  • It comes with 4 accessories
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Compact design
  • Can hold only 150 lbs. Of wood

5.Artibear 4ft Outdoor Firewood Rack, Upgraded Adjustable Heavy Duty Logs Stand Stacker Holder for Fireplace

Artibear 4ft Outdoor Firewood Rack, Upgraded Adjustable Heavy Duty Logs Stand Stacker Holder for Fireplace

Customers familiar with the Artibear brand would know about their premium quality products and the best craftsmanship. It is an Amazon top-rated brand and has received high ratings from customers. It is made out of high-strength steel, which makes it strong enough to last long. It is powder-coated to ensure that the rack does not develop rust or gets damaged by weather impact.  You can even place it near the fireplace, and it will not get damaged by heat.

Artibears outdoor fire rack has 4 ft width, 1 ft depth, and 3.7 feet height. This wooden rack can store one-fourth of the face cord of the cut wood. It has a maximum wood-bearing capacity of 2550 pounds. Although it is designed for the outdoors, it can complement any interior setting as well. It is suitable for placing on a hard surface such as gravel, concrete, or paving stones.

The unique feature of this rack is that it does not tip over. This makes it safe for a household that has small children or pets. The rack has lock rings and eight solid legs, which prevent it from falling over after a jerk. Now you can secure the rack and avoid the falling down of heavy firewood, which may cause injuries.

The more dry the firewood is, the better it will burn. This is why the rack kees the firewood 4 inches above the ground. This ensures that no moisture reaches the logs. A sufficient distance from the ground also ensures that the wood does not rot or catch moth or mildew. With this rack, you can effectively store the wood for exterior fire pits, wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, or logs for outdoor camping.

The brand also offers a 1-year guarantee and 90-day refund offer. Their after-sales customer services are very satisfactory. With this, you can easily claim a refund or exchange if you do not like this product.

  • Large capacity of 2550 pounds
  • Constructed out of steel and powdered coated
  • Revents tipping down of rack and consequent accidents
  • Compact size
  • Satisfactory after-sales service
  • Matches any exterior or interior setting
  • Expensive than other racks

Final Thoughts

Firewood storage racks serve a good purpose. They store your supply of firewood and also impact a classy look to your interior and outdoor setting. Before buying one item, you should consider some important points.

What material is used to build the rack. What is its weight-bearing capacity? Does it have a protective coating to protect from weather hazards? Does it keep wood dry? How many tools come within the package. Is it tipping-free? The answer to all these questions will help you decide the best item for you.

To choose a brand, market surveys and reading reviews is a must. These let you know the features of individual items, as well as whether the item fits your particular needs or not. These also tell you about the customer reviews, their experience with a product, and the ratings.

Our today’s blog has covered 5 of the best firewood storage Canada. These storage racks are sturdy and will fit in your exterior as well interior settings. The racks will hold an ample amount of wood so that you can quickly get a hand on it to light the fireplace. Enjoy your snowy season!