Best E-Reader Canada Reviews 2021

Best E-Reader Canada: Books are the best companions in every mood and weather. But taking a book all the time isn’t a great option too. Rain, beachside, or swimming pool-like places are great to be enjoyed but that should be with something, not paper.

To make perfect compensation for your leisure hours in a paper copy of a book, e-readers are incredible devices. An E-reader is a specially designed electronic device for book lovers.

They offer the ultimate convenience to read a book-like style on a device in full HD resolution. It is highly advantageous over laptops, smartphones, and tablets due to their being built only for reading.

High resolution, extended screen, and healthy battery life offering at least a week-long impressive performance only in one charge. They are not the fractional prices of some paperbacks and hardbacks.

If you ever feel yourself on the go somewhere, you can enjoy your journey using an e-reader just by downloading a book. Finding a good piece of an e-reader isn’t a head-spinning task. You won’t have to choose from many.

Moreover, they are simple, smartly built, and enjoyable to use. In Canada, the best e-readers are designed to use on daily basis. You can easily store them. You can use them anywhere in all light conditions. Follow our list of well-researched products for a more insightful approach.

Our Picks of Top 5 Best E-Reader Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is a famous series for its high up-gradation and the efficacy of features. An E-reader is equipped with everything you need and you demand to have an e-reader at such an affordable price.

This is one of the thinnest and lightest e-reader products on the market. Flush-front design is mind-blowing. The screen is 300 PPI free from any glare exposure. You can enjoy reading your favorite paper in a real read even in the bright sun.

Previous versions of the Kindle Paperwhite are not waterproof but they have upgraded the facility to the waterproof version. Reading and relaxing o beach, swimming pool or even it falls into the water isn’t bigger issue due to this up-gradation.

IPX8 is used in the construction of the product which allows the e-reader to immerse in the water up to two meters for 60-minutes. Two different storage options, 8 GB or 32 GB, are offered in the purchase.

Battery timing is highly impressive only with a simple charge for weeks. You can read even for a couple of weeks without any cringy confrontation even if you read on daily basis.

The reader can freely set the font size and boldness of the text according to the level of interest and need. The readability level gets enhanced. Finding stories of your interest has never been that easier than now.

Unlimited access is provided to the prime members with myriad options of thrillers, romantic novels, and more. You are only needed to connect with Wi-Fi using Whispersync to shift from kindle to the kindle app.

Amazon production and perfectly built to make it easier for the reader to use it one-handedly. Automatic sleep mode when closed and automatic opening on backup facilitate user to not go for even a budge.

The size of the e-reader is 6-by-4.6-inch rendering it a bit lower than the book but still perfect. An E-reader with a case can also be purchased to protect it during the move. This s a decent purchase.

  • Fully waterproof device. Can be kept for up to 60-minutes in two meters of water.
  • Customizable text to your own ease and interest.
  • Two different storage options are offered.
  • Glare-free screen to make it convenient for the reader to read in sunlight.
  • Impressive battery life up to weeks.
  • Basic e-reader than most of the e-readers available on the market.



Kindle is a traditional built-in standard size offers everything that could be expected from an e-reader of basic level. Features may not be that great as they could be expected from an advanced level product but it offers everything that is requisitely needed.

The front light of the e-reader is easily adjustable avoiding any issue of light. Now you can read anytime you want to irrespective of indoors, outdoors, day, or night. It is purposefully built to facilitate the reader in any way.

167 PPI glare-free display offers resourceful built to read wherever you are even in bright sunlight. Now you are not needed to get distracted by definitions, passages, or whatever. Translating words, look up definitions, and highlighting passages is extremely easy.

The reader can do the adjustment text for better readability. Prime readers can easily access thousands of bestselling and new releases. No computer is required to download your favorite stuff. Convenient to download directly into the kindle.

Amazon is the producer and they have designed for convenience to make user reader one-handedly. An only a single charge is enough to read for weeks even reading on daily basis. Display size is 6-inches rendering closer to the original book size.

Cloud storage has been offered for storing all kinds of Amazon content. On-device storage is 8GB rendering it a good fit to store thousands of books.

5W USB power adapter or computer using USB cable lets the charging done in approx. four hours. A 1-year warranty is offered in the purchase.

Apart from all the good reasons, there are certain cons that need to be pondered as well. It is the most basic e-reader. The interface is slow. This is a decent purchase.

  • Anti-glare screen to read in sunlight.
  • Built-in reading light to read in darkness.
  • Two colors are available to choose of your interest.
  • Higher battery life.
  • Options are available to change font size and text size.
  • Basic e-book reader offering, not any exceptional approach.
  • The interface operates at a bit low speed.

3.KOBO Forma 8″ Digital eBook Reader with Touchscreen

KOBO Forma 8" Digital eBook Reader with Touchscreen

KOBO Forma 8″ Digital eBook Reader is a larger screen and larger memory product. It is one of the most expensive products on our list due to its greatly built high-end features. Dimensions of the product are 8.5 x 17.7 x 16 cm and weigh only 197 Grams.

Kobo Forma’s new page-turn buttons are equipped in the product rendering the process seamless through any story. You can read according to your desired position either portrait or landscape.

You can also set it to automatic function which will turn to your move accordingly. ComfortLight Pro is also included in the product that renders the screen set as the reading feels good to the eyes.

A larger 8 inches LCD is perfect for those who look to experience their favorite reading stuff on a bigger screen. This is a touchscreen e-reader. Mobius display technology and 1440 x 1920 resolution takes the level of print quality to great efficacy.

8GB size is perfect for downloading hundreds of thrillers, romantic novels, and more. Prime users can enjoy the freedom of thousands of bestselling books and new releases. Its extremely lightweight and ergonomic design renders the use of e-reader comfortable even for hours. You can enjoy reading alongside the beach or swimming pool in waterproof technology.

Rest is assured that it is in perfect protection even in two meters of water for 60-minutes. If there is any e-book borrowing library, you can connect with it to either buy or borrow books.

This option is highly resourceful because there are many libraries offering this facility in Canada. You should also consider its cons. It is expensive but worthy of such high-end features.

There are limited book choices are compared to the other e-readers. Overall, this is an amazing and outstanding device with amazingly advanced features. 

  • Larger eight-inch screen size.
  • Convenient portrait and landscape reading.
  • Adjustable settings for the light.
  • Fully waterproof production.
  • E-book borrowing is integrated.
  • Not a budget-friendly purchase.
  • Limited book choices in comparison to other e-readers.

4.Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis is the latest and most advanced e-reader on our list. Price is higher due to highly advanced features. Available in two 8GB and 32GB versions.

Prices vary for both. You will pay for what you like the most. This is a whole pack of myriad features that cannot be seen on any other e-reader. A perfectly adjustable warm light is best for those who regularly read before bed.

E-ink technology renders you get an impeccable reading experience. You can enjoy a real paper-like experience.  The display size is seven inches in a 300ppi flush-front.

The reader gets a full paperwhite display experience. The reader is easy to read at the comfortable beach or swimming pool places without needing to budge about the water. It is tested against the accidental immersion of the device is waterproof.

No need to worry even in two meters of water for 60-minutes. The design is ergonomic and thin. Page turn buttons are also built.

The reader is only required a Wi-Fi connection to switch conveniently from kindle to the app using Whispersync. You don’t even need to leave your place.

Slim and elegant protective layers are also available for the protection of e-reader but you have to pay extra. It is expensive. Page turn buttons in the device are small and clunky.

As the size of the e-reader is larger, this cannot be a comfortable stint for everyone. If you can compromise on these few drawbacks, then you can enjoy myriad highly advanced features.

  • Warm light is highly adjustable to read before bed.
  • Waterproof built.
  • Use of e-ink technology to make reading more realistic.
  • Easy switching from kindle app to device using Whispersync.
  • Larger screen size.
  • Not an affordable budget product.
  • Clunky and smaller page turn buttons.
  • Not comfortable due to larger size.

5.Kindle Paperwhite E-reader (Previous Generation-7th)

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader (Previous Generation-7th)

Kindle Paperwhite (Previous Generation-7th) is a higher resolution version of the previous generation e-reader from the Kindle brand. Surely, its updated version is also introduced but still, it is not outdated that it should not be discussed.

There are still myriad features that compete with many good e-readers on the market. Built-in light renders it adjustable according to the desire of the user.

The display screen is of high-resolution 300 PPI. It is compatible with 3G+Wi-Fi and you can also get a Wi-Fi-only version. The reader can set the text font size with the Bookerly feature offering the least eye strain.

No need to worry about glare which we maximum time feel using electronic devices. Unlike tablets, you can have glare-free reading even in bright sun. The battery is highly effective to use for weeks on a single charge.

Thousands of books can be held in a device that is even lighter than a paperback. Effective in building character by improving your vocabulary and connection with like-minded readers without even budge to leave the page.

Some users are only available when connected with Wi-Fi. You can read whatever you want from over 800,000 titles at a rate of only CDN$ 9.99 a month. You can also export notes from your mail.

Background information about the author is also provided in every book. Go for a simple tap and read all the info concerning the footnote without leaving that page.

Passages are easy to translate into multiple languages Spanish and Japanese. Kindle Paperwhite is a worthy purchase to be made.

  • 300 PPI screen high resolution.
  • 3G + Wi-Fi access for some devices.
  • Built-in light facility to render it usable in darkness.
  • Free from screen glare turning it perfect to read in sunlight.
  • Fairly expensive.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Smaller storage of only 4GB.

Final Thought

Book reading is a soulful chore. E-readers may never be able to replace paperback books, but they are having myriad features and facilitation of rendering a handsomely built-up approach towards sustainability by reducing paper use and leaving less tree cutting.

They are extremely lightweight as we have seen in reviewed products ranging from few grams to few kilograms. E-readers are smartly, simply, and fashionably built products at an affordable price.

Their technological and aesthetical built even engross those who are not die-hard readers. Best devices in Canada are simple to use, have myriad facilitative features, and are convenient to provide thousands of books at once.

You are only needed to download it on your e-reader device without using the computer. Their long-lasting built offer years of service.