Best Bird Feeder Poles in Canada Reviews 2021

Best Bird Feeder Poles in Canada: Bird watching and bird feeding are the closest to nature’s hobbies. It helps feed the little wild birds, but it also has a soothing effect on the mind.

When gadgets have taken over our lives, hobbies like bird watching and bird feeding are becoming novel to the new generation. However, recent studies have shown that these hobbies reduce depression, anxiety, incidences of panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. Therefore these close-to-nature hobbies should be adopted for a sound mind.

Bird watching can be easily achieved by placing bird feeder poles in the garden. Seeds, fruits, nuts, and other bird feeds attract all kinds of birds and bring them closer to you. Aside from a simple hobby, these poles may also lure birds for the feather collection and drawing enthusiasts.

To encourage our readers to adopt birdwatching, we will cover a few of the best bird feeder poles in Canada in today’s blog. The feeder poles are of various types and can hold a variety of things. These include different types of feeders, seed trays, water bowls, and hooks for hanging accessories. Not only do they attract all kinds of birds, but they also add charm and attraction to your garden. These feeder poles make you spend quality time close to nature and cherish the moments with your loved ones. So, without further ado, let us start our review.

List of Top 5 Best Bird Feeder Poles in Canada Product Reviews in 2021

1.Yosager 91″ x 23″ Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit, Bird Feeder Pole

yosager 91" x 23" Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit, Bird Feeder Pole

Yosager Bird Feeder pole is kind of a multi-purpose Bird Feeding pole. It is crafted out of heavy-duty iron and measures 91 inches into 23 inches. This heavy material creates stability in the structure and features a special screw together pole.

This bird feeder station has five prongs for more options and more structural support than the three-prong pole. This kind of pole also allows you to easily place bird feeders in any sort of garden or platform base.

The feeding pole consists of 2 large twin hooks at the top level. You can use these to hang the bird feeders, lanterns for the lighting, or bird cages.  The lower level hooks can place the seed trays and water trays to feed the wild birds. Other accessories are also included, which include metal stake bases, metal feeders, water dishes, and an instruction manual.

All these things will attract the wild birds to the garden. This one is far better than a single pole with 1 or 2 hooks because it attracts many beautiful birds like doves, finches, sparrows, and pigeons. This bird feeder is a treat for bird watchers and hobbyists.

The most satisfying thing about this feeder is that it comes with a 100% guarantee. If you do not feel satisfied, you can contact the brand’s customer support team. You can also claim a refund or exchange if you do not like this product. 

  • Made up of heavy-duty metal 
  • It has five prongs to allow more items  
  • Attracts all kinds of wild birds to your garden 
  • It comes with accessories and an instruction manual 
  • May tilt on softer grounds  

2.Best Choice Products 6-Hook Bird Feeding Station, Steel Multi-Feeder Kit Stand

Best Choice Products 6-Hook Bird Feeding Station, Steel Multi-Feeder Kit Stand

The best choice’s bird feeder pole is indeed the Best Choice. It is constructed out of durable steel. This pertains to strength and resilience. Steel also protects the pole from forming rust and protects it from other environmental factors as well.

It measures 89 inches in height and 22.75 inches in diameter. The base has five prongs with which it can be staked into the ground. It withstands strong winds and does not come off. The pole’s setup is very easy. All you need to do is simply tighten the nuts to all the hooks to make them secure in their places. Stake the pole into the ground.

The pole consists of 4 large hooks on its top. These are used to hang the feeding accessories. The pole comes in a package with a variety of accessories. This includes a wire feeder for birds like parrots and a tube feeder for baby birds.

It also comes with suet and peanut feeders. Additionally, a water tray is also included to keep water for birds. The seed tray accommodates seeds and fruit. This multi-purpose pole attracts gardens and wild birds like doves, parrots, sparrows, robins, quails, Titmouses, juncos, American crows, etc.

It may also attract squirrels from around your garden. We advise you to spray a bit of olive oil on your pole if you don’t like them. This will keep the squirrels from stealing all the food.

The unique feature of this bird pole is that it has multi-purpose hooks. While some of these are used to hang the planters, the other set is used to hang lanterns, wind chimes, or planters. These tiny objects decorate the bird pole, attract the birds, and keep your garden nature friendly and mesmerizing. Best Choice makes it to a few of Canada’s best bird feeder poles with all these unique features.

  • It has six hooks to hang a variety of items 
  • Comes with wired, peanut, tube feeders, etc. 
  • Stands steadily despite winds 
  • Made up of durable steel material
  • rust-resistant frame 
  • The water bowl is very shallow.

3.Deluxe Bird Feeding Station Kit Bird Feeder Pole

Deluxe Bird Feeding Station Kit Bird Feeder Pole

MIXXIDEA is one of those brands which have customer trust and reliability. The brand believes in quality and durability and uses heavy-duty metals to manufacture garden and landscape items. Its deluxe bird feeder pole is one of its kind with a unique design.

The package comes along with four hooks. 2 of them are large and 2 of smaller sizes. These can be fixed anywhere on the pole according to your item and desired height.

The pole also comes with four bird feeders, which are efficient tools in attracting birds like the hummingbird, European Starlings, American goldfinches, Doves, Parrots, Woodpeckers, etc. This bird pole is painted bronze instead of black, making it more appealing and rust-proof.

This bird feeder pole is taller than many other brands. It has a height of 91 inches. The installation is very easy, and a new user can also do it conveniently. Simply attach the hooks and tighten the nuts.

With the help of 5 prong bases, it can be set into any garden ground. It comes with a feeding tray and a water bowl. The water bowl not only serves as a water bath, but the birds can also have a drink in hot weather.

These can be conveniently removed from the pole for washing. You can hang various items on the hooks like flower pots, lanterns, feeders, small garden lights, baskets, etc. It also has a mesh wire feeder on which you can hang fruit.

It not only attracts birds for bird watching but proves to be a great landscape item that beautifies your garden. It proves to be an excellent gift item for garden lovers, nature enthusiasts, and hobbyists. It is also ideal for those older people who love to spend their time outdoors.

  • Painted bronze instead of black 
  • It comes with four hooks and two holders
  • Ideal gift item for bird lovers 
  • Easy installation and setup 
  • Decorates your landscape 
  • Expensive than other stands  

4.Sorbus Bird Feeding Bath Station, Metal Deck Pole for Bird Feeders

Sorbus Bird Feeding Bath Station, Metal Deck Pole for Bird Feeders

For those who were quarantined for a long time or are sick of extended lockdowns, bird watching can prove to be a great hobby. After all, what could be better than observing beautiful birds? For this purpose, we have in line for you one of the best bird feeder poles in Canada.

Sorbus is a reliable brand for lawn and garden accessories. The Sorbus bird feeder is constructed out of heavy-duty metal. It is black and measures 22 inches in width and 93 inches in height. The pole is entirely rust resistant and does not get damaged in rains and heavy winds. It also cannot catch rust and remains long-lasting.

The bird feeder pole comes in a complete package with all-in-one items. It has four hooks to hang any landscape item you would like to decorate your garden with. Aside from this, the pole has a wired feeder, a water bowl, and a mesh tray. The Mesh tray holds all the drippings and absorbs moisture. It helps to keep the pole contents clean. 

This pole allows the birds to feed themselves and rest in the shade, take a bath in the water bowl, or simply hydrate themselves in hot weather. All these bowls and dishes can be removed and washed easily.

With this kind of bird feeder in your garden, you can attract and view many birds like Blue Jays, Catbirds, Titmouses, House Sparrows, Doves, Chickadees, etc. However, this feeder ole can also be used as a decorating item for your lawn. You can conveniently hang flower baskets, lanterns, miniature lights, decorative stars, or other items with the hooks of this feeder.

  • More heightened than other poles 
  • Rust, wind, and moisture resistant 
  • Ideal gift for bird lovers  
  • It comes along with all required accessories
  • It does not stay firmly in the ground

5.FEED GARDEN Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit, 91 Inch Bird Feeder Pole,

FEED GARDEN Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit, 91 Inch Bird Feeder Pole,

Another great brand of bird feeder poles on our list is FEED GARDEN. This brand produces good-quality bird poles that are squirrel-proof. Good quality material ensures durability, resilience, and sturdiness.

The pole is about 90 inches high and makes 82 inches above the ground. The width is 20 inches. The pole stays strong despite the winds and does not develop rust even after heavy rains.

There are a total of four hooks on this pole. The top two ones can hang the feeders and lower one’s for other garden accessories. You can use them to hang wind chimes, welcome boards, small garden lights, lanterns or other hanging items.

These things add more charm to your lawn and make it look beautiful.  an accompanying plastic water bowl can be used to pour the drinking water of the birds.  It can also be used as a water bath. So, hang some delicious bird food on this bird feeder pole and get ready to witness some beautiful Grackles, Nuthatches, Titmouses, Juncos, Doves, Robins, and many others.

The pole stands firmly in the ground. With the help of forked and longer throngs, the pole stays firm despite any strong winds and heavy rains. With these fantastic features, the bird feeder pole can prove to be a tremendous gift. You can also buy it if you ought to start bird watching as a hobby or a therapy.

  • Durable and resilient bird feeder 
  • Adds decorative items to your garden 
  • It comes in complete package with accessories 
  • forked prongs for better fixation
  • It does not prevent squirrels or garden insects

Final thoughts

Buying a bird feeder pole is not a big task but certainly a confusing one. It is hectic, especially for someone new to it.

Bird feeders are of different types. Most of them have two or more hooks to hang additional feed items. Some of these also have water trays and seed trays with them. They are usually constructed out of metal, especially stainless steel.

The base usually has forked prongs with which it is staked into the garden ground. Ideally, a bird feeder pole should stay strong and resilient during winds. It should also repel squirrels and other garden insects. The bird feeder pole should not catch rust. Otherwise, it will affect its durability.

In today’s review, we have covered some of the best bird feeder poles in Canada. They come from some of the best-known brands and are durable. The selected products fit the criteria of the best ones.

All of them are highly rated and appreciated by the current users. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a new bird feeder pole and enjoy the humming sounds of and sight of delightful birds. We hope that our blog will help you in adopting a good hobby.