Best Bed Frames Canada Reviews 2021

Best Bed Frames Canada: Are you thinking to replace the old bed frame and are searching for a modern yet strong bed frame? If so, then look no further. You’ve already reached the right platform. A bed frame is something that promotes blissful sleep and takes your bedroom décor to a next level, hence investing in a durable bed frame is of utmost importance.

With the rapid advancement of bed frames in the Canadian markets or websites these days, every other seller is selling them. But before purchasing them, some of the essential factors you should keep in your mind.

Look out for the ones that offer great support, additional storage, high profile, wooden slats, and longevity. Never get amazed by the looks or the low-priced tags, as a bed frame is an investment for many years.

To help you out and choosing the best bed frames in Canada, we have rounded up a list of the top 7 trendy yet incredible bed frames for you in this review guide.

Not to forget, the products mentioned in our list are based on other user’s experiences and critiques, therefore you should invest your time in research in order to avoid any problem in the future.

Top 7 High Quality & Durable Bed Frames Canada Reviews 2021

1.Zinus 14-Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus 14-Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Are you searching for a bed frame that can be assembled quickly within no time and is less spacious? If yes, then you might consider purchasing a Zinus 14-inch metal bed frame.

From its aesthetically beautiful, unique, sleek design to its sturdy matte black body, every feature speaks its worth. This amazing product has equipped with a 14-inches metal frame & 13-inches of clearance to provide extra storage. Apart from that, its compact design will allow you to keep it in close-fitting spaces, such as doorways or staircases.

Not only that, this amazing item can support different types of mattresses. Perhaps, you won’t find any lip on this bed frame to clasp your mattress, but the non-slip tape on steel frameworks and wooden slats works incredibly and will put your mattress away from falling or slipping.

Some bed frames make noise that may disturb your sleep, but Zinus is free from noise as the foam-padded tape is added to the steel frame to prevent the mattress from gliding from its place. Moreover, one can easily assemble it as it comes with a manual and a ratchet along with a kit.

Not to forget, the Zinus 14-inch metal bed frame comes with a 5-year warranty. In a nutshell, this phenomenal item has everything any individual could ask for.

  • Cost-friendly and modern design
  • Can support different types of mattresses
  • Easy assemble by one individual
  • Less spacious and has a 5-year warranty
  • No space for connecting a headboard

2.Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

Does your old bed frame got crumbled? Are you thinking to add a strong, durable bed frame that is cost-effective and stylish in design? If so, then without a second thought you should go for the Zinus full-sized faux leathered upholstered platform bed.

This incredible item comes in three different sizes, such as king, queen, and full size. Not only that, its ravishing matte black body and resilient wood slat offer extra support to hold the mattress without any hassle.

Regardless of its 100 lbs. box, this contemporary and stylish bed frame is easy to assemble either by one or two individuals. You’ll find all of its components in a hidden zippered compartment located at the back of the headboard.

One of its distinctive features is the foam-padded tape that is added to the steel frame and wooden slats to avoid screeches or shrills. That being said, it comes along with a 5-year warranty. All in all, Zinus Faux Modern bed frame is surely an incredible item to enhance your bed décor.

  • You can assemble its parts quickly without the need for any modern tools
  • Modern, sleek, extravagant black matte body
  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee
  • You may find the plastic caps are too big enough

3.Zinus 16-Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

Zinus 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame

If you’re wondering to have a sturdy and durable bed frame that has ample storage to keep your other items underneath, then you can also check out the Zinus 16-inch metal platform bed frame.

Due to its strong mattress support with steel slats, it further enhances mattress life and you’ll feel more relaxed and comforting. That being said, you don’t need any extra box spring as it offers huge space to keep your other essential items.

Furthermore, this phenomenal bed frame is easy to put together without any previous experience or additional modern tools or equipment. Moreover, it comes with an amazing 5-year warranty and wooden slats are included with a kit.  

Also, Zinus 16-inch matte black metal bed frame has non-slip tape, which means the mattress won’t produce any creaky sound and wouldn’t slip off.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for bed a frame that is highly durable, contemporary in design, having an extra-size body, and is pocket friendly too, then you must go for the Zinus 16-inch metal platform bed frame.  Not to forget, you can purchase Zinus modern tables separately as well.

  • Quite handy to gather up within no time
  • Intuitive design and boundless space for extra storage
  • No need for an extra box spring
  • You may find the metal frame is less durable due to its lightweight body

4.Zinus Modern Studio Bed Frame

Zinus Modern Studio Bed Frame

If you are looking for a twin-size bed frame that is made up of alloy steel and easily fits into your pocket, then you must consider having a Zinus Ultra-modern  14-inch metal platform bed frame. From its ravishing and contemporary body to its durable steel frame, it has grabbed the attention of almost every other individual.

The woven cloth that is wrapped over a steel frame further gives an attractive look to your bedroom. This amazing item comes in two decent colors – light sand grey and noble dark grey.

Apart from that, this modern bed frame can quickly gather up within less than 30 minutes. Its promising feature is that all of its parts fit neatly and perfectly under the headboard, which means it’s quite convenient to assemble or reassemble.

This phenomenal 14-inch bed frame can support different types of mattresses, for instance, spring, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. Having said that, its resilient steel body along with wood slats further increases mattress durability & reliability. Moreover, its non-slip tape covered on the wooden slats prevents creaks or squeaks and will hold your mattress conveniently and tightly. 

Moreover, you can use this metal bed frame with or without a box spring as per your need, and you can adjust the mattress height as well. You don’t need to worry about its durability or reliability as the Zinus modern studio bed has fortified with a 5-year warranty.

In short, Zinus modern studio bed frame has everything anyone can think of at such an amazing price tag. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab this astounding yet durable bed frame for you today.

  • Stylish and elegant design with pocket-friendly rates
  • Super-easy to assemble or reassemble
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Has ample space for additional storage
  • A thick mattress will kill the appearance of a headboard

5.Zinus Ironline Metal & Wood Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Ironline Metal & Wood Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Ironline and wood platform bed frame is a perfect fit for those who love minimalist and elegant bed frames to take their bedroom décor to a next level. This phenomenal wood platform comes with a chestnut brown color and weighs about 350 pounds.

Apart from that, its 7-inch sturdy frame structure along with wooden slat support gives you extra durability and longevity. Due to its non-slip tape wrapped on the wooden slats, the mattress won’t slip or trip as when you’re moving.  

You may find its box may be a little heavy but that won’t be a problem to gather up the bed frame parts together. Its intuitive design and sturdy body are worth discussing as all of its parts fit neatly and perfectly within just 30 minutes.

This incredible bed frame can easily assemble by one or two individuals and the kit comes with a ratchet and all the essential equipment and tools that are necessary to bring the bed frame together. Also, this elegant piece of bed frame comes with a 5-year warranty. Moreover, Zinus ironline metal bed frame can be purchase with or without a footboard so you can customize it as per your desire.

All in all, if you’re thinking to change your bed frame and is looking for something sturdy yet contemporary design frame under $400, then look no further and buy a Zinus ironline wood platform bed frame for you today, and say goodbye to your old design bed frame

  • Straightforward to assemble or reassemble
  • Comes with a 7-inch high strong steel frame structure
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Low height may not be a reliable option for all sleepers
  • The light brown frame isn’t liked by everyone

6.Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

If you’re someone who loves a square stitched bed platform for your bedroom, then you can shop for the incredible Zinus Upholstered Square stitched platform bed frame. It has equipped with all the essential components, such as ten different wooden slats, frames, plywood, footboard, and you may find them at the zippered compartment, which is located at the back of the headboard.

This elegant bed frame comes with a decent light blue or grey color with a square pattern design. The fabric used in this frameset is knitted polyester. Apart from that, you can use the bed frame with or without a footboard as per your liking. Having said that, the wooden slats are fortified with Velcro covering that offers extra support and longevity to your mattress and won’t glide away.

Moreover, Zinus upholstered square bed frame offers foam padded tape that prevents squeals or shrills. Also, it is available in twin, queen, and king sizes and comes with a good 5-year warranty.

So if you’re looking for an elegant bed frame that escalates your bedroom décor, then you can add this amazing yet trendy square pattern design bed frame for yourself.

To cut a long story short, the Zinus bed frame wins the heart of every other individual these days due to its reliability, durability, and sturdiness. Moreover, it never fails to amaze its users at such economical rates and aesthetically beautiful yet trendy designs.

  • Super-handy to gather up
  • Unique square geometric pattern and steel frames
  • Strong mattress support and elegant compact design
  • Less space for storage underneath the bed frame
  • Requires two people to assemble the frame

7.Zinus Sonoma Metal And Wood Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Sonoma Metal And Wood Platform Bed Frame

Are you thinking to say goodbye to your old bed frame that produces creaks or squeaks? Do you want something elegant in design and easy to put together for which you don’t need to break your bank account? Then Zinus Sonoma Metal and Wood platform is a safe bet for you.

This incredible bed frame adds charm to your bed décor as its minimalist by design, having a sturdy pleasant black body. That being said, you don’t require any expertise to put together its parts as it’s super-friendly and quite-handy. Even though it can easily assemble by one person in under half an hour. Although, this metal frame has a low profile it offers boundless space to keep your other essential items, for instance, toys, shoe boxes, and much more.

This phenomenal wood platform bed comes with a pinewood headboard, seven leg support, rigid solid steels frames, and wooden slats that offer extra durability and reliability. You’ll get amazed by its causal yet ostentatious black matte body.

In the Zinus Sonoma metal bed frame, foam padded tape is covered to the steel frame in order to avoid rusting or producing cranky sounds. Also, the non-slip tape added on the wooden slats hold the mattress efficiently and conveniently.

In a nutshell, you can add this bed frame to your drawing rooms, halls, or even kid’s room, due to its classy or modern looks.

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Quite easy to gather up within just 30 minutes
  • Ample amount of storage underneath the bed
  • Won’t work for a longer time due to its wood platform
  • You may notice shrieks or shrills overtime

Final Thoughts

We have tried our level best to bring up the best bed frames in Canada that are quite economical and offer incredible features. Every other bed frame mentioned above speaks it’s worth investing in but our favorite stellar is – Zinus modern studio bed frame due to its ample space to store additional items.

A friendly piece of advice for you – before purchasing any bed frame for your bedroom, read other customer reviews and suggestions available on different platforms, and then choose the work that best fits your needs.

We hope you may find this review guide useful and informative.